The Exotic World of Les Jardins Imaginaires

A strong decor imprint enhanced by rigorous forms: the furniture collection Les Jardins Imaginaires, designed by Simone Guidarelli for Matrix International, is an explosion of colors framed by minimal and essential lines.

The creative visionary designs for the contemporary furniture and accessories company a series composed of tables, coffee table, pouf, sofa and armchair that oscillate between liveliness and dynamism, thanks to the overexposure to chromatic stimuli and decorations, lowered from the universe of flora and fauna into that of living and dining products.

Matrix International presents exotic refinement

Balancing and enhancing the imaginative effect are sharp, primary forms dressed in tailored suits for an alternative proposal without hesitation. Different worlds merge and mingle, in a succession of images, stories, lives.

The living room of Les Jardins Imaginaires features the most classic of furniture compositions: sofa and armchairs from the Sultan series, upholstered with the romantic Big Friendly Giant from the Safari Collection, a pattern featuring a motif characterized by elephants and elegant hibiscus that hints at an exotic and refined life.

The same decorative theme is echoed in the tops of the Kaléidoscope coffee tables, with UV HD printing of the texture and extra gloss finish; an old-fashioned detail is the spiked leg.

In the dining area, the large Jardin Amour table with lacquered steel base and top with UV HD print and extra gloss finish of the Exotic Jungle decor transports you to a jungle, where, among cascades of anemones and lush plants, curious little monkeys and hummingbirds resting on palm trees appear.

Surrounding them as informal seating are the circular Jardin Marrakech ottomans, also dressed in Exotic Jungle, printed on stain-resistant fabric suitable for fixed upholstery.

The essentiality of the forms, conceived by Simone Guidarelli and artfully made by Matrix International for Les Jardins Imaginaires, generates the best conditions to enhance the decorative research and its outcome, between spectacularism, irony and expressive freedom.

The Exotic World of Les Jardins Imaginaires

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