Medusa Amplified by Rosenthal meets Versace

Meet the cult of iconic pop and luxury style with a series of tableware collections that reinterpret the quintessential Versace symbol: Medusa Amplified by Rosenthal meets Versace.

Medusa Amplified Short Sets from Rosenthal meets Versace

Medusa Amplified Short Sets comprises small tableware collections that pay homage to the iconic Versace Medusa, reinterpreted and repurposed in fresh, striking pastel hues.

The Medusa, Versace’s historic symbol, is preciously reproduced on the plates in shades of green, blue, pink, and orange, framed by the classic golden Greca motif.

The accessory lines consist of a series of plates and glasses, plus a cereal bowl. Available in a color palette of Green Coin, Blue Coin, Pink Coin and Orange Coin, a coffee pot, teapot, small milk jug and sugar bowl, as well as three vases complete the set.

Medusa Amplified Gifts from Rosenthal meets Versace

Inspired by Donatella Versace’s passion for music, especially hip-hop, the prints of Medusa Amplified Gifts re-imagine Medusa as a musical icon. The design reinterprets her as if she were a song, rhythm, melody, or musical tempo. The Rosenthal meets Versace collection plays with bold, spring colors, contrasts, and variations in the size of the iconic Medusa.

Rosenthal’s expert lithographers, with great skill and precision, have created a line with more than 30 shades of color, the elaborate detail work, the filigree decoration of the Medusa head and the Greek motif bands surrounding them, The Medusa Amplied Gifts collection includes three vases of different sizes, a serving dish, an ashtray, a tray, and a saucer, as well as the famous scented candle.



Medusa Amplified by Rosenthal meets Versace

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