Mimesi Outdoor: True Design Immersed in Nature

In the Mimesi project, designed by artistic director Aldo Parisotto, True Design’s outdoor furniture collection not only immerses itself in nature, but also blends into it. Objects created to be experienced by man in open spaces, are transformed into mimetic bodies for which function exceeds fashion. Aesthetics merge and become one with their environment. With pieces dedicated to the transformations of the seasons, Mimesi is one with the world around it.

True Design Winter: a blank page

Surrounded by the pristine crispness of fresh snow, the objects stand out for their light and especially for the silhouettes of their shadows that become written in the landscape. Withstanding low temperatures, ice and snow is only part of the project, the most complex aspect was to create designs that could merge harmoniously with this winter wonderland.

True Design Spring: a sea of color

The brand has always stood out for the use of color and CMF (Color Material Finish) palettes, but in this collection the challenge has gone further: to blend with nature for a project even more immersed in which the color is dictated by the space and not only by the object. Sun, perfume, flowers in motion and in the heart of all these sensations the Not out chair.

Summer: under the scorching rays

Among the yellowest ears of corn, under the hottest sun, the Marina out chair intertwines with the fields and the surrounding nature, fearless in the face of high temperatures. The quintessential summer chair by True Design is perfectly integrated into the striking landscape, light to grasp and easy to stack.

True Design Autumn: the warmth of the first cold

The beauty of autumn colors and foliage are combined with the comfort, softness and warmth of the brand’s upholstered furniture is specially designed to stay outdoors, even in the rainiest season, when we still want to enjoy time outside maybe with a blanket and a hot drink.

Photo: Dario Breggiè


Mimesi Outdoor: True Design Immersed in Nature

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