Spotlight on Wood

Plauto by miniforms, designed by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti, is a creation in praise of warm, refined materials and irresistible textures.

Like the playwright, Plautus searches the past for ideas for the future, by staging a single actor – wood. A material that, in Plautus, becomes the highest expression of all its forms: flat, curved, pointed. An excellent raw material and consolidated craftsmanship know-how to amaze, starting from simplicity.

An Inspiration by Miniforms

Plauto takes its inspiration from the structure of the monolith, establishing a monumental presence. Through skilful research it achieves the perfect balance between its components – a symbiotic encounter between full and empty, linear and curved profiles.

Advancements in the creation process have allowed Plauto to maintain its sense of primordial approach of beginnings without abandoning today’s requirements. It is possible to choose the table not only in the pure wood version – flamed, black or Canaletto walnut – but also with a marble or ceramic top finish, in order to meet the needs and vision of every environment and personality.

Spotlight on Wood

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