From project to product. MisuraEmme presents the new living space

MisuraEmme, an internationally renowned design company, presents a contemporary boutique where space and product come to life.

The artistic direction has been entrusted to Studio 63, which has focused on the harmonious dialogue between austerity and rigour of the day and night systems and the organic shapes and memories of the new furniture collection. This process has been made possible thanks to extensive research and material studies. The company and architects have presented a collection of unique finishes designed to provide the opportunity to fit space as if it was an autobiographical work of art.

Woven straw has been enriched with natural colors that vary in tone while maintaining its nature unchanged. Concrete has been painted with vibrancy, enriching the collection with warmer tones, that bring new life to the environment. The concrete is not limited to the day and night systems but is now featured also for loose furniture pieces like Boston coffee table.

Nature and its clarity have been one of the sources of inspiration for this research, leading the company to choose the introduction of cast glass in two distinctive chromatic variations. Smooth and refined on one side, textured and irregular on the other, the beauty of this material is reminiscent of the rippling of the sea. The Stowe coffee table takes center stage. The same inspiration is reflected by Seattle coffee table that remind of an arid land.

The result of this research is an extremely elegant and refined environment that hides incredible technical and structural capabilities within itself.

During their first collaboration, Studio 63 Architecture and Design and MisuraEmme brought forth a unique synergy, combining the engineering skills of the company with the creativity of the Studio. This alliance led to the creation of the new day system, named Puzzle, which embodies the blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Exploring the significant history of MisuraEmme and delving into the treasures of the company’s archive, Studio 63 had the opportunity to firsthand experience products designed by Master of Design such as Ignazio Gardella and Alvar Aalto. This inspiration gave rise to the new collection of furniture inspired by the seventies, characterized by soft lines and elegant finishes that contrast and integrate perfectly with the essence of rigour and functionality of the day and night systems.

The cooperation between Studio 63 and MisuraEmme emerged already three years ago with the Eros collection, with included a writing desk, a sideboard, and a night table. The success of this collaboration has led Studio 63 to direct the design of the stand and the products presented during the Design Week of 2024.

Living Area

In the spacious living area, Rosè new sofa system adapts with flexibility and modularity to the space, accompanied by Houston coffee table and Baltimora armchair, both inspired by the 1970s. The environment continues to evolve towards increasingly organic forms, such as the cast glass top of the Stowe coffee table, culminating in the monolithic structure of the Seattle coffee tables.

Puzzle day system sets the background for the dining area, offering a reinterpretation of the historic Ala table and introducing the Monterey new chairs, which bring a fresh spirit of conviviality to dining. This space, characterized by pronounced elegance, is the perfect place to enjoy informal moments while maintaining a high standard of sophistication.

Equipped and modular, Puzzle consists of a day system of uprights and crosspieces in aluminum to be fixed to the wall and a series of frame panels, which are fixed to the aluminum structure on the wall. The new hooking system allows horizontal fitting of the paneling with containers and shelves in glass, wood, and display cases.

The Puzzle day system offers a wide range of finishes including wood essence and new materials such as thermoformed, woven straw, and natural concrete. The concrete finish arises from an exclusive collaboration with Cimento®, a leader in a new patented technology that allows cement to be applied in a tailored manner to different supports, such as panels and shelves.

Thanks to the advanced technology provided by MisuraEmme, it has been possible to develop the new Shibuya sideboard system, characterized by the use of precious materials such as ebony, glass, and marble. These sideboards embody the perfect balance between MisuraEmme’s engineering and Studio 63’s pursuit of emotional resonance.


From project to product. MisuraEmme presents the new living space

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