The Place Where Hospitality Merges with Art and Taste

A new four-star Boutique Hotel in the heart of Rome, in Rione Monti, that tells the story of the Eternal City, its history and its art: “MyTale Creative Academy Hotel Rome” is an independent building with 12 rooms developed on five floors from ground to sky.

Celebrating Rione Monti

A structure that, more than any other, celebrates the golden ages of the Rione that hosts it (Roman Empire, Late Middle Ages-Renaissance, Contemporary Era); all periods in which Monti could boast a significant urban as well as cultural and artistic development.

The entrance on the ground floor immediately takes guests back to the 1920s as a symbol of continuity, for the client, of the vintage aura that still envelops the area today. The design, materials and colors recall the era of Art Nouveau style. MyTale presents itself as a permanently installed work of art: the paintings (on the walls) are the artistic contribution of owner and artist Claudio Riefoli, and works signed by artist Patrizia Marrocco.

“In the reception, the paintings pay homage to the author Ettore Prampolini first in his more metaphysical version and then in his more futuristic version in the room of the Thaïs Restaurant, retracing the sets that he himself had created for the famous film of the same name. An artist to whom I feel deeply connected and whom I wanted to bring back into my project,” explains Claudio Riefoli.

MyTale Creative Academy Hotel, Restaurant, and Cocktail Bar

MyTale Hotel is also RIone Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, with three differentiated offerings. On the ground floor is the 30-cover Thais Room and the Drink Lab overlooking Piazza Degli Zingari, an address for signature drink enthusiasts. The cocktails are Pre-Batch, meaning they are prepared in glass cruets almost as if they were at the pour, ideal for take-out and making the bar accessible to all. It also has a space used as a café with specialty coffees, from all over the world, the result of a collaboration with Faro Caffè.

Moving on to the second floor and the Roman Empire, the setting is again represented by colors and materials that reflect the style of the time in a contemporary way – warm tones, red and marble elements. Four themed rooms and minimal furnishings.

The third floor is a celebration of the Renaissance, where purple is reminiscent of the intellectual vivacity of the era, starting with the first room, whose flooring reflects the Michelangelo-inspired Capitol.

“Everything is in a visionary form, almost as if it were a dream in which reality is filtered and reworked by the artist’s emotions, in the search for the essence of the narrated theme,” Claudio Riefoli specifies.

And it is precisely through this dream that, floor after floor, passing through the contemporaneity of the fourth floor, one arrives at the modernity of the Dionisio Rooftop that offers an exclusive and reserved view over the ancient buildings.

MyTale thus proves to be a metaphor, an ascent up five floors through which the client travels through a sort of personal growth of humanity. In short, a place where cultures and life experiences meet to merge and abandon labels.

The project is also the brainchild of Emanuele Cozzo, founder of Bistrot 64 and an entrepreneur in the restaurant world, assisted by Maayan Bazak (Food and Beverage Manager with experience in venues in Tel Aviv and Berlin) and Stefano Cristiani (Bar Manager with London and Rome experience from Hotel De La Ville).

MyTale was conceived as a space where “being oneself” is possible without necessarily having to classify oneself, starting with the reception curated and managed by Giuliano Cassissa, Hotel Manager with experience in other boutique hotels between Milan and Venice. A format based on close contact with customers and the desire to provide them with services in full respect of the environment: Plastic Free, online concierge and zero gas emissions.

The elimination of labels is also reflected in the dining proposal of the Rione restaurant, which becomes sharing on the terrace and develops into a 14-course menu that is uprooted from the classic structures: away with appetizers, first courses and main courses. Each course can be enjoyed by the diner without being labeled. Everything is a game of exchanges, exchanges of traditions stemming from the same matrix just as happened in the Mediterranean with different cultures meeting and mixing.

And it is from the Mediterranean that MyTale’s food and beverage concept is inspired in the choice of excellent raw materials. A cuisine that ranges between regional traditions thanks to the skilled hands of Executive Chef Giacomo Zezza, assisted by sous chef and his right-hand man Mirko Ceravolo.

Chef Zezza boasts experiences at Gambero Rosso, with Chef Pezzotti at Boscolo, with Cristina Bowerman in the Roman restaurant Romeo and, finally, perhaps among the most significant of his career, at Bistrot 64. He lands today at MyTale with whom he immediately found a harmony of thought based on territoriality. A menu that is seasonal and that varies in order to work the products to their maximum potential: Maritozzo, cruciferous, mussels and lemon; Cod, almonds, gin and tamarind; Gnocchi, butter, anchovies and ‘nduja; Roman Tradition in different weights; Devil’s Chicken, miso and Chicory; Cuttlefish, chickling and nettle; Tartelletta, evo oil cream, pine nuts and figs; Mascarpone and Mr. Black.

A tasty MyTale event will be the Sunday Brunch, which, with its fixed but weekly menu, will feature a version of an Italian-style brunch.

Great attention is paid to the provenance and research of raw materials, such as for Fedro meats and herbs and sprouts from Orto Clapi, by Lorenzo Maggi, directly from his garden on Lake Bracciano. Niche products that can be found from the crack of dawn with breakfast that is presented as a tasting trail of savory and sweet dishes to start the day at its best.

MyTale is also and above all the Roof Dionisio with a splendid terrace that overlooks the ancient buildings of the Rione Monti hosting up to 60 seats. A terrace where the concept is Purit – Spirit – Servit and each cocktail is a tribute to the Mediterranean and its cities that, for the occasion, become drinks – La Vucciria, Sicily (Aperitif, Italicus Rosolodio di Bergamotto, Grapefruit Bitter, Citron Soda); Triana, Sevilla (Tequila infused with Hazel Nuts. Pedro ximenez sherry. Pink grapefruit. Blood orange. Perrier); Tel Aviv (Buffalo trace. Fennal min & chili soda. Lime Peanuts); Athens (Stoli vodka. Mastika. Pomogranate. Cordiali Olives). The winery also stands for sophistication with only natural wines that tell the story of their terroir, small estates from Italy but also Slovenia, France and Austria, to name a few.

Claudio Riefoli’s idea thus reflects his passions: catering, art, sharing but above all “being well.” Thus was born the desire to soon combine these many nuances in event evenings themed art or literature, but also live music or DJ sets on weekends in the name of “Eat – Drink – Play.”

MyTale Creative Academy Hotel Rome

The Place Where Hospitality Merges with Art and Taste

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