National Wine Clash: Take a Seat at This Newest Wine Competition

On Sunday, October 15th, in the Città dell’Altra Economia, Supernatural organizes challenges and tastings of natural wines from the best Italian wine shops. All mixed with the Jamaican sounds of Pier1 from One Love Hi Powa, Bass Unit and Macro Marco.

The first National Wine Clash organized by Supernatural on Sunday, October 15 at the in Rome is just a few days away.

20 wine shops from all over Italy will clash over natural wines: a close contest down to the last glass. At each wine clash the public will cast a vote of approval that will determine the winner of the challenge. All this will be seasoned by the sound system of famous artists, symbols of the reggae world and beyond, who will make the October 15th event even more unique.

“The wine clash stems from the idea of mixing the culture of sound system challenges-born among Jamaican liquor stores-with our world of artisanal wine. After the success and fun of the winter challenges, Supernaturale comes up with a national ‘clash’ where hosts from the best wine shops and restaurants on the Italian scene will compete with special and unique wine proposals,” say Riccardo Zamurri and Andrea Romeo, respectively CEO & Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Supernaturale, a company with transversal skills that focuses on helping businesses with the ecological transition and the development of sustainable consumption.

The challenge in the glass: how the Wine Clash works

Challenging wine shops, having passed the preliminary rounds, will advance to the quarterfinals, then the semifinals and the finals that will determine the winning team. The prize for the first National Wine Clash will be a trip for two to the Loire Wine Salons.

The public will be able to participate in the challenges by buying tokens to pay for the clashes, taste and vote for the competing wines. In addition, during the Wine Clash, wine shops and winemakers will promote and sell their products while the Gastronomic Collective will create a special menu for the occasion.

Celebrating it all will be great special guests: Pier1 of One Love Hi Pawa, one of the most famous reggae sound systems in the world, Bass Unit with their cosmic rig, and the return to the microphone to enhance the challenge of Macro Marco, famous DJ and producer.


National Wine Clash: Take a Seat at This Newest Wine Competition

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