A Nest of Woven Leather: The Net Armchair by Turri

After the sofa, also interpreted in its modular version, and the bed, the woven leather of Turri’s Net collection is transformed into the seat and back of the eponymous armchair designed by Matteo Nunziati.

A nest of carefully hand-woven leather, supported by a wooden frame with walnut or eucalyptus finish, that continues to tell the story of the elegance of the lines of Turri‘s entire Net collection.

A wide, deep seat that continues into the enveloping backrest to provide a unique feeling of comfort that goes beyond its simple use.

A Chair by Turri to Feel at Home

The concept of nest refers to a place of protection, where one feels safe and sheltered from the outside world. Matteo Nunziati’s Net armchair offers just that: a dimension where you can interrupt your daily routine and relax, or where you can carry out your activities while banishing stress.

Stop for a moment, take a moment for yourself to devote energy and time to family commitments and relationships while still feeling sheltered and protected from this entanglement.

The same care and attention we pay to guests and their welcome finds a worthy ally in the Net armchair: here they can sit and feel the same feeling of protection and, finally, they can feel at home.

synthesis of refinement that finds stability in the solidity from the eucalyptus or walnut wood legs. Maintaining the lightness of the structure they are essential to support the seat.

Impeccable highlight: the combination of cushions that completes the essential design of the Net armchair highlighting the tailoring and savoir-faire of Turri.

In this model, too, it is the balance of contrasts between the contemporary, elegant line and the strong character of the woven leather that defends and, at the same time, vouches for a luxury product capable of interpreting the international culture of living.


A Nest of Woven Leather: The Net Armchair by Turri

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