The Contemporary Luxury of Turri Design

There is a contemporary conception of luxury that does not belong to minimalism and yet deviates from opulence and the decorative: the Turri Design collections.


Azul Turri Design by Paola Navone

Paola Navone’s Azul house for Turri Design is transformed: the shades chosen trace the influences of Italian haute couture and the designer’s modern style by shifting to warmer hues.

A choice to adapt to the needs of an increasingly updated lifestyle but one that does not neglect its authenticity. The intense and refined lapis lazuli blue that colored last year’s azul house is transformed into a gray velvet for the sofa, and a powder pink for the armchair.

Entirely hand-woven fabrics create sinuous shapes deluding to the unobservant eye: what may appear to be a neat, orthogonal weave encapsulates all its delicacy in cozy proportions. Dimensions that characterize both the new armchair and the three-seater sofa. Once again, the imperfection of the macro weave, which characterizes both upholstered items, is what makes them perfect in their being different.

A question of proportions, on a smaller scale, reappears in the armchair, upholstered in the same velvet weave as the sofa but in a more subtle coloring, turning to powder pink. An alternation of dimensions balanced by Turri’s Made in Italy know-how and experience to narrate a contemporary design space.

In the new house designed by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio for Turri Design guest of excellence remains the color that, together with velvet, spontaneously shows itself in its versatility and, with its originality can easily be paired to the various furnishing complements to make the interior of the house a unique and personal experience.

Color also suggests openness and dialogue by introducing the prerequisites to accommodate pieces outside the collection as well. The idea of total look comes close to that of sharing, boosting the possibilities of furniture chosen with the heart of those who live in the home.

Ratio Turri Design by Town Nguyen

A new idea of Ratio proposed by Toan Nguyen for Turri Design, which identifies itself as a way out of cosmopolitan reality.

We are looking at a search for balance between what is frantically shown to the eyes and the perception of things, the result of each person’s sensitivity. Turri Design’s answer together with Toan Nguyen is Ratio, a true homage to rationalism, a sofa that, in its woven leather structure, freely narrates a contemporary elegance.

Free of nostalgia or compromise with current lifestyles and comfort, Ratio’s simplicity refers to the spontaneity of relationships and those that in English are identified with the word connection that, inevitably, create a direct link with the experience and Made in Italy of the Turri brand.

An ode to proportion in which even the concept of comfort is revised and measured to escape from the everyday. An abundant seat with cushions, upholstered in fabric, that are equally ample and yet independent, supported by a metal frame wrapped at the sides by a leather weave reminiscent of the movement of a ribbon and raised from the ground by thin metal feet.

Detail and manufacturing quality symbolize an authentic contempory language that invites reflection on the presence of the physical person as a central element in the design of furniture that, first and foremost, must be functional and ready to meet different types of spaces.

Riban Turri Design by Town Nguyen

Toan Nguyen also signs for Turri Design the Riban collection, whose inspiration for the name stems from Old French: from the genesis of “ruban” in French and “ribbon” in English, the elemental form of the ribbon is the starting point for the new seating designed by Toan Nguyen.

Riban’s search for the modern is revealed in a play of surfaces and twists in which the outside becomes the inside, in which the back becomes the seat, and materials alternate as organically as they do logically. A consistent originality to express a quality that no longer hides behind the volumes of materials but can freely draw inspiration from the culture of Italian craftsmanship. Having a voice and the luxury of honesty to discover, with more strength, a current way of living that is increasingly cosmopolitan and versatile.

Turri’s know-how and the undisputed value of its Made in Italy make the manufacturing tradition the meeting point with Toan Nguyen’s careful thinking. With his approach, he succeeds in interpreting an idea of alternative minimalism that also becomes a dichotomy: that of the sofa shell, upholstered in hazelnut-brown leather, combined with textured gray fabric cushions. Upholstery that, among themselves, speak the same language: the outer shell of the armchair, also in leather but in a dark beige shade declares its essence in the harmonious contrast with the sienna-colored fabric.

In the presence of the button, the attention to detail, typical of Turri, is immediate but equally revisited in a contemporary key, confirming the company’s direction toward an Italian production increasingly oriented toward design with an international scope.

A consistent originality that also characterizes the Side Table and the round coffee tables: the onyx top for the taller version and the marble top – Emperador light and tobacco – feature leather piping, available from the catalog in different shades.

A mix of materials and intent that crosses the frontiers of everyday life and tells the public about itself in its modularity through fluid compositions that encourage conviviality.

Rome Turri Design by Monica Armani

With Rome, the journey to the eternal city – from which the entire collection takes its name – continues with the expansion of the living dimension.

Designed by Monica Armani for Turri Design, the Roma collection in fact welcomes a new proposal of furniture for the living area, marked by the line’s protagonist motif, namely the round arch, so recurrent in Rome’s millenary architecture, a synthesis of perfection and harmony.

Sofa, coffee tables and TV cabinet complete the great domestic architecture of Roma always under the banner of soft and elegant lines.

The Roma sofa, available in a fixed version, continues the story begun with Monica Armani. Here, too, the designer’s DNA is clearly evident in the reconfirmation of bouclés and velvets that, for the occasion, are tinged with new colors.

A wide seat that is shown in all its comfort through the presence of large independent cushions that, together with the armrest, deliberately extended along the entire perimeter of the upholstery, guarantee a unique feeling of comfort. A work on the architecture of volumes, precise and sculpted, to unite seat and back.

The purity of the sign of the round continues in the dormeuse. Designed for timeless and sophisticated interior design, it invites to be experienced.

The contemporary elegance of the Roma collection is also expressed in the simplicity of the details and in the refinement of the materials: an example of this are the feet, in metal offered in Champagne Gold and Graphite Grey finishes, which lift the sofa off the ground, increasing, even visually, the perception of lightness.

Ideal surfaces for having a support in the living area are the side and coffee tables. The inspiring shape is always the rounded line that, in its curvature, defines the entire Roma collection. The cylindrical bases covered in leather, support the crystal top, mounted cantilevered, thus creating a detail that becomes at the same time a small architecture. Also available in a tall side table version with a gold calacatta marble top.

Completing the living corner but above all reconfirming the historicity of the Turri brand in the world of lacquering is the TV cabinet. The single-color brick lacquered frame is covered laterally in leather of the same brick shade and houses the gold calacatta marble top in the highest part. The whole is supported by Champagne Gold metal feet.

Space then is given to the cabinets, both in glossy lacquer in a desaturated blue-green hue, featuring sand-colored leather upholstery designed for the sides. One features a printed geometric pattern on the doors, and the other is completely smooth.

The collection also includes a sideboard in canaletto walnut with wood or glass doors. The sides, upholstered in sand-colored leather, dialogue harmoniously with the pink Perlino marble top.

Also returning, in a revisited key, is the round table, proposed with a base in Graphite Grey finish composed of vertical tubulars and a top in perlino pink marble, a matte finish, to create a natural fil rouge with the other furnishings in the dining area.

Surrounding the table are the Roma chairs, the core elements of the collection: in their round plan shape, they echo the concept of the circle and are upholstered in textured fabric available in the catalog in different color variants.

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The Contemporary Luxury of Turri Design

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