Fresh Ideas for a New Concept of Table Service

An exclusive capsule collection of table accessories to inspire chefs and suggest new concepts of service at the table: the Sambonet Infinity project expresses the brand’s excellence in a series of tools and accessories designed to amaze guests and create unique experiences at the table.

Risers, tongs, wine buckets and cloches: the stylistic research of the Sambonet Style Centre offers new ideas for contemporary catering, both for the presentation of courses and for the creation of new culinary proposals. Often between one course and the next, the chef offers a taste, a virtuosity of his cuisine. The elegance and refinement of Infinity support these moments that will become memorable for all guests.

The table tongs, whose unique design evokes a compass, not only lend themselves as an extremely versatile additional cutlery, but can also be used by the chef who wishes to make a touch-up to the course, or by the waiter as a dining room tool for a final touch-up before service.

The double canapé spoon is an alternative to the classic spoon. It offers two different uses, a flatter bowl to accommodate solid single portions, and its more concave side to accommodate sauces. Perfect for tasty and fashionable finger food set-ups.

The wine bucket expresses the balance between lightness and stability. The conical shape is calculated to hold the bottle – or half-bottle – even during use. As with the ice bucket, it takes up little space on the table, giving you more room on the shelf. The matching stand meets the needs of those who wish to have even more freedom on the table, without sacrificing style. A functional tabtool for room service and also a furnishing element for any location.

The cloche lifts and the plate is revealed. That moment of silence in the room, the astonishment that is part of the setting and the whole experience. Various sizes, ideal for flat or soup plates, large or small, creating wonder during service. The Gio Ponti miniature also proves to be not only a decorative element, but also a surprising single serving piece for fruit, potage, ice cream and creams.

The risers create unique panoramas for both the table and the buffet, to serve an entrée, a single-portion, tastings of small portions of cheese or delicious meats and, of course, the classic coffee break. The combinations of objects, mixed in styles and heights, unleash their full aesthetic and decorative potential.

All Infinity table accessories are available in the mirror stainless steel version as well as in the bright PVD Gold version. Each object can be integrated with all the Sambonet collections – from the cutlery and bar accessories lines to the Kyma, Madame and Penelope furnishing accessories – together with the porcelain and stoneware by Rosenthal.

Fresh Ideas for a New Concept of Table Service

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