Laurameroni Design for New York’s Buddha Bar

A bold studio project by YOD Design Lab brings the contemporary elegance of Laurameroni design to New York’s Buddha-Bar, fully furnished with Maxima, Stars and Line paneling paired with numerous custom and bespoke pieces.

NYC’s Buddha Bar

Located in the heart of TriBeCa, this swanky location famous for its cuisine, music and ambiance finds itself in a landmark location that oozes a refined dramatic energy. Its vaulted two-story space highlights a mix of opulent design intermingling with elements of the original structure, and its interiors are the work of custom creations by the Milan-based luxury design brand of Laurameroni. Like Laurameroni, YOD Design Lab adores the luxurious essence of one-of-a-kind accents and custom furnishings, combined with unusual materials of the highest quality.  

The Touch of Laurameroni

With this project, the studio focused on combining experimental solutions and iconic products from leading interior design brands.

The goal was to create something absolutely unique, without rules or patterns, and completely tailor-made in terms not only of architecture but also of shapes, colors and materials.

For this beloved New York City location, the Laurameroni Design Collection once again lives up to its mantra “Be Different Be Unique” by providing a plethora of solutions and individualized features to serve the creativity of the professional.

A project of great refinement that affects all areas of the concept, starting with the main entrance of the bar, embellished with Line and Maxima paneling and accented by steps with Maxima Liquid Tin Metal texture.

The Buddha Bar lobby, on the other hand, is decorated with Maxima Liquid Metal boiserie and a sophisticated custom-created cubic structure in Maxima Liquid Metal with brushed polished metal insert.

The main room, lined with Maxima and Line panels, is equipped with brass bottle rack structures and a Line wine cellar in brass with bronze glass.

Great elegance also expresses the Sushi corner, completely custom-furnished with a special “Cardoso” marble counter.

Finally, the special bar counter is decorated with Stars metal bands in burnished brass, embellished with leather armrests and accompanied by Stars tall consoles.


Laurameroni Design for New York’s Buddha Bar

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