Zisola Noto 2020 in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Best Wines

Tenuta Zisola’s Nero d’Avola is in the global Olympus of the prestigious American magazine, the only representative of winemaking Sicily to make it into the top wines announced by Wine Spectator for 2022.

The Only Sicilian Wine – Wine Spectator Top 100 Best Wines 2022

Wine Spectator has included – for the second time – Zisola Sicilia Noto Rosso 2020, the only Sicilian wine, in the 2022 edition of its “Top 100” wines, which sees some 20 Italian labels placed on the list.

That fact that it is a wine that leaves its mark was already known, given the scores assigned by the most important international guides, but to enter what is considered among the most prestigious wine rankings in the world is an achievement that few achieve.

The Mazzei Family’s Nero d’Avola Zisola Sicilia Noto Rosso 2020

The wine from the Sicilian estate of the Mazzei family, winemakers for 600 years, represents the new style of Nero d’Avola in purity – complex, layered, and harmonious, with beautiful body, hints of berries and citrus fruits and at the same time wild and strong like the land from which it hails. The elevated position of the vineyards-all bush-trained-and the characteristics of the limestone soil give it minerality, elegance and freshness.

Zisola is the result of a project of excellence and the opening of Sicily to international markets undertaken by the Mazzei family in 2003: 52 hectares of property that extend around the Estate’s three bagli – a term widely used in Sicily that denotes an ancient walled country estate -, the main one of which enjoys a wonderful view of Noto and the surrounding “gardens” planted with vineyards, citrus, olive and almond trees. The Estate, starting with its 2023 vintage, will also obtain organic certification.


Zisola Noto 2020 in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Best Wines

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