Obicà Opens its Newest Mozzarella Bar Concept in Milan

Obicà Mozzarella Bar, the catering brand spokesman for the authenticity and genuineness of Italian products with a convivial and cosmopolitan approach, inaugurates the new Milanese venue that takes up the legacy of Obicà Brera, arriving in Via Cusani 1, inside the historic Art Nouveau building at the corner of Via Broletto.

The Group, which boasts locations in iconic neighbourhoods of the main Italian cities and abroad, thus embarks on the new path of its history begun in 2004, in the name of a rebranding that promises to revolutionize its appearance in the eyes of the public. The opening of Obicà Cusani is in fact the first step of a process of evolution of the brand, strongly desired by the Scudieri Family who acquired the group in June 2021.

“With the acquisition of Obicà by the Scudieri family, already active in the restaurant sector since 2014 with the Eccellenze Campane brand, a new phase of evolution and expansion has begun for us. The new restaurant in Via Cusani represents the first step of this project in which the customer experience becomes even more central. Not only is there a new design and a new way of communicating, but above all the desire to offer a luxurious gastronomic journey while respecting the simplicity of Italian cuisine that is reflected in our dishes,” says Davide Di Lorenzo, CEO of the Obicà Mozzarella Bar Group.

Achille Scudieri, owner of the Group and former founder of Eccellenze Campane, is also enthusiastic about the new path undertaken by Obicà, noting that’s, “This opening represents a new chapter on the path started with Eccellenze Campane, which shares with Obicà tvalues based on the international diffusion of the quality of Italian products. We have always been spokespeople for the authenticity and genuineness of the ingredients and this new Obicà adventure makes us extremely proud.”

The architectural project of Obicà Cusani

The evolution of the Obicà brand finds expression above all in the design of the interior space of the new restaurant in Via Cusani, conceived and curated by the architectural firm Labics.

The architectural project revolves around a revolutionary idea aimed at conceiving the interiors as urban spaces ready to welcome a public looking for a moment of informal conviviality.

An approach that justifies the choice of an outdoor material such as brick and other typical elements of the urban landscape such as railings, parapets or light bulbs reminiscent of those of parties, in order to recreate inside the informal atmosphere of outdoor spaces, arcades and Italian squares.

The use of these materials – as well as solid wood for the tables – with a well-defined grain and texture conveys the idea of craftsmanship, just like the process that leads to the production of Italian food and especially mozzarella. Even the decision to leave the equipment in sight is an expression of the same strategy, that is to recreate an environment in which to live an authentic experience focused on simplicity in order to reflect the core values of Obicà’s philosophy.

The Obicà Cusani menu

In line with the philosophy of the brand, the protagonists of Obicà Cusani’s menu are fresh and high quality ingredients, aimed at offering an immersive experience in genuine Italian flavors.

The queen of the gastronomic proposal is the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP – in Classic, Smoked and Bocconcini versions – produced with buffalo milk in the areas provided for by the regulations of the Consorzio della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP.

Dairy products also include Stracciatella and Burrata Pugliesi and Ricotta di Bufala to be tasted with Small Plates of cold cuts, vegetables and hot dishes, as well as with leavened products such as Gnocco Fritto, Focacce and Crostini in different variants.

An absolute novelty on the menu at Obicà Cusani is the new dough of Obicà Pizza, prepared with flour from Molino Paolo Mariani and sourdough. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven on refractory stone and is offered in variations that satisfy all palates: from Organic Tomato Pizza with Taggiasche Olives and Oregano to Bufala DOP, from Vegetables to Pesto and Stracciatella, passing through Prosciutto Crudo Toscano DOP, ‘Nduja di Spilinga and Speck dell’Alto Adige IGP with potatoes.

The menu is completed with first courses, including Schiaffoni with Tomato and Mozzarella – the brand’s signature dish – and Cacio e Pepe with PGI Senise Cracked Pepper, salads, also available in vegan version, and second courses, including the Burrata Burger, emblem of the synthesis between cosmopolitanism and Italian style.

The beverage proposals at Obicà Cusani

The wine list includes a selection of Italian labels and combines renowned wineries with emerging local producers. The cocktails are made with the best distillates, mixed with herbs and fresh fruit. Besides the great classics such as Aperol Spritz and Americano and non-alcoholic cocktails, the list offers original Obicà cocktails such as You-Go, Obicà Mule and Ameribianco, as well as beers, bitters and a wide selection of distillates.

Each of wines and cocktails can be best appreciated with the aperitif formula that allows to taste your drink accompanied by Pizzetta di Bufala DOP.

The atmosphere of Cusani’s restaurant is then made even more welcoming and sophisticated thanks to the new fragrance “O” by Obicà, custom-made and diffused by Integra Fragrances at the entrance of the restaurant.

A delicate perfume that starts with a fresh and lively note, conferred by tea, and then inebriates with a bright, welcoming and familiar finish thanks to orange blossom. The green notes give the fragrance vitality and naturalness, well balanced by a delicate floral facet. The freshness of “O” characterizes the moment of reception and pampers guests to make their experience at Obicà Cusani even more exclusive and unforgettable.

Obicà Opens its Newest Mozzarella Bar Concept in Milan

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