Outdoor Living in Colorado with The Lake Escape

In Colorado, in a charming lake house, an outdoor kitchen project by Officine Gullo comes to life, complete with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen integrates perfectly into the aesthetics of the residence: a place that inspires calm and peace, thus becoming the setting for unforgettable entertaining moments.

The Officine Gullo Outdoor Kitchens Collection

Officine Gullo transports to outdoor spaces all the added values of the company’s solutions: high technology, best performance, unmistakable style and maximum customization possibilities. The convivial moments of outdoor life and culinary activities thus become even more enjoyable, in an exclusive and sophisticated environment of which the outdoor kitchen is the centerpiece.

Real stages of social gatherings and gourmet dining come into being designed to become the heart of your outdoor space and home, where you can gather from the morning to have breakfast, prepare an excellent lunch with the best professional cooking tools, refresh yourself after a swim with a cocktail by the pool, enjoy a relaxing aperitif, and wait for your family and friends for a delicious dinner under a starry sky. Through a series of independent elements that combine with each other Outdoor Kitchen provides endless custom design solutions.

From the composition of the furniture to the selection of a wide range of the best outdoor appliances, configurations can be created to suit the space the kitchen will occupy, the customer’s aesthetic tastes and cooking habits, ensuring the same functionality and style as Officine Gullo’s signature professional indoor kitchens.

The appliance modules can be freely positioned in the kitchen: thus, different areas for cooking can be created, from the grill to the pizza oven, as well as areas dedicated to refrigeration, washing and food preparation.

The driving force behind the Outdoor line is Officine Gullo’s Professional Grills. Thanks to a perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship, Officine Gullo barbecues, through top-quality cooking systems, open up a new world of culinary possibilities by providing a true outdoor kitchen in a single tool.

A True Lake Escape

In fact, thanks to a range of sophisticated accessories, the barbecues allow users to experiment with up to 15 different cooking modes, from the most common, such as grilling and smoking, to steaming and frying. Barbecues are complemented by the accessories that thus make up true specialized cooking zones: removing the grates makes room for the insertion of a fry top, pasta cooker or wok ring.

The cooking area is complemented by several modular outdoor elements: ice chests, built-in refrigerators, wine cellars, pizza ovens, warming drawers, ice-makers, beer dispensers, as well as faucets and sinks and cooking accessories such as side burners, grills and maxi burners.

The Outdoor Kitchen, designed for outdoor living, features the use of high-quality AlSI 316 stainless steel, known for its excellent anti-corrosive properties. This material, characterized by a low ferrous component, offers unrivaled durability, absolute corrosion resistance, and an elegant design that can enhance any style of decor. The stainless steel of the structure can be painted in any color, in addition to the custom shades available on request, and enhanced in detail by the iconic brass finishes. Each Outdoor Kitchen can thus be customized and made unique.

The composition proposed by the brand features a linear kitchen with professional built-in barbecue, side burner and dishwasher, declined in Blue Azure and Polished Chrome shades. In front of the kitchen, the central island with a marble top features a double wine cellar, an ice basin and a washing area composed of an integrated steel sink and steel faucet with an arched jet in a Polished Chrome finish.


Outdoor Living in Colorado with The Lake Escape

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