Icon of Design: The timeless appeal of OLA by Snaidero

Snaidero’s OLA kitchen is an icon of design that continues to seduce with its sinuous curves, for the beauty and reassuring elegance characteristic of objects that have stood the test of time, a true work of art carved in wood.

An example of uniqueness that defies time and is able to interpret even the most current trends, which find vivid expression in soft volumes and curved profiles. An exclusive proposal that, for 2023, can be further customized through the introduction of new materials and finishes.

Snaidero + Pininfarina

It was at the beginning of the 1990s when Snaidero began its collaboration with Paolo Pininfarina by developing OLA, a pilot project that drew on the automotive world, endowed with a direct and distinctive architectural impact, a three-dimensional yet essential kitchen characterized by an innovative and rational design, destined to become a timeless classic.

The result was a project with a strong architectural impact capable of solving, with the utmost attention, all aspects of domestic functionality with technologically innovative solutions. It won the design award of the Chicago Atheneum of architecture in 1996 – a recognition that, in 2011, the prestigious institute sought to reconfirm with OLA 20 as a visionary and innovative project.

The Evolution of an Icon of Design

After an initial overhaul in 2000, the project was rethought in 2010 with the aim of achieving an even more contemporary aesthetic and elegance and reconfirming the authenticity of a great classic, aiming for a renewed combination of tradition and industrial innovation.

The result was OLA 20, a refined, elegant design marked by precise and immediate signs. The curved line was undoubtedly the primary detail that gave OLA 20 the Snaidero imprint, as well as the particular 120 or 180-cm hood, with a strong aesthetic impact.

On the occasion of the anniversary of 25 years of collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina, OLA has renewed itself once again with the  OLA 25 Limited Edition.

Aesthetically, the revisited model is clearly recognizable by an element of strong formal characterization: the support of the tabletop of the peninsula and island solutions, made of lacquered carbon fiber, a new-generation composite material consisting of a filiform structure joined a carbon matrix.

The slender U-shaped support of the table top becomes the highlight of the model, while from the construction point of view, it represents a solution with high mechanical strength while also ensuring excellent resistance to temperature variations.

Ola by Snaidero: All that’s new for 2023

After OLA 20, the limited edition OLA 25, and the expansion in 2021 of available materials and coatings, in 2023 OLA gets a new look. The reissue remains faithful in terms of design but introduces design innovations that allow for an additional level of customization.

Work has focused on expanding the range of materials, first and foremost wood: cabinets, including those with curved doors, will be available in a selection of new wood species exclusive to this model, both in terms of selection and veneer surface treatment.

The kitchen’s grooves will be customizable in various colors, and further play can also be made in the choice of the element that characterizes the kitchen and communicates the company’s craftsmanship: the leg sculpture, made of wood, carbon fiber, and glass resin, can be matched to the doors or represent an interuptive element, choosing contrasting materials and finishes.

Also new is the lighting system inserted under the top, which illuminates the leg, giving it even more value, and the LED placed on the kitchen back. Finally, a connecting wall unit is inserted to give continuity to the curve, marking a continuum between the depth of the cabinet and that of the wall unit.

Reconfirming the authenticity and originality of a great classic, OLA is still a design with a strong architectural impact, seductive profiles, and technologically advanced solutions. It is the evolution of an idea that has remained true to itself, a system that has been inspired by the best of past versions and has maintained the curved line, its distinctive feature.


Icon of Design: The timeless appeal of OLA by Snaidero

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