Omnichef: Smeg’s Three-in-One Oven

The Omnichef range of ovens represents the spearhead of Smeg’s new generation of Galileo ovens: an unprecedented, global and dynamic approach to cooking, an expression of the most advanced Multicooking technology that allows traditional, steam and microwave cooking to be combined in sequence or simultaneously in a single product.

Smeg’s Oven with Multiple Advantages

Two cooking approaches, the Multistep and Multitech, respectively, that enhance ingredients to a professional level and provide a cooking experience that is unique and personal, making it intuitive and intelligent, saving up to 60 percent time. Cooking technologies and preparation approaches are set via the touch display, which is a hallmark of the range.

Galileo Omnichef allows you to get the best out of the three technologies: increased browning and crispiness through traditional cooking, preservation of flavors and vitamins through steam, and speed and convenience through microwaves.

All of the Possibilities with Omnichef

Low-temperature cooking is a slow and gentle cooking method that provides excellent results in cooking meat and fish. Thanks to the multipoint probe, temperatures can be monitor the temperature at three different points on the ingredient, from the core to the surface, and cook until the desired level is reached.

Thanks to the presence of the multipoint probe, cooking without heat stress can be set. In fact, the increase in cavity temperature grows proportionally to the temperature detected by the probe at the core of the ingredient.

In addition, the Fill and Hide system allows the reservoir to be filled at any time, even when the oven is closed during cooking. With a capacity of 2 l, the reservoir allows cooking for up to 13 hours with steam activation at 20 percent and up to 2 hours and 15 minutes with steam activation at 100 percent, refilling when needed.

By combining the three cooking technologies, energy savings of up to 25% can be achieved compared to traditional cooking.

The next-generation maxi touch display allows for selecting additional cooking functions that enable the exploration of new possibilities in the kitchen with dedicated accessories. The reversible BBQ pan is excellent for cooking meats, fish and vegetables, while the airfry pan permits frying with less cooking fat, and the refractory stone makes it possible to bake a crispy pizza in just four minutes.

The Omnichef oven door is equipped with an internal soft and silent glass release system. Door opening and closing are quick and quiet with the soft open and soft close system.

Omnichef: Smeg’s Three-in-One Oven

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