Discover the Open Wineries of Lombardy at Cantine Aperte

Once again this year, Cantine Aperte, the iconic event of the Lombardy Wine Tourism Movement, presents itself to the public of wine tourists with a program full of initiatives: in fact, there will be 38 Lombardy wine estates ready to welcome wine enthusiasts on the weekend of May 28th to 29th.

Valtellina, Valcalepio, Franciacorta, Montenetto, Lugana, Colli Morenici Mantovani, Lambrusco Mantovano, San Colombano al Lambro and Oltrepò Pavese, i.e., the main wine-growing areas of the region ( accounting for 20 percent of Italian production) will be represented at Cantine Aperte, so as to ensure a varied and diverse proposal.

The Aim of Cantine Aperte – Lombardy’s Open Wineries Weekend

Wine tourism,” explains Carlo Pietrasanta, president of MTV Lombardy, “allows people to get in touch with a world whose core values consist of the alliance between man and nature, the happy harmony between experience and innovation, the pleasure of conviviality, and the interest in traditions and culture. And we are always very happy when we register the adhesion of wineries led by the younger generation and when we see the number of visitors who knock on the doors of our wineries expanding to include younger generations as well.”

We are working so that in 2022 we consolidate the recovery we started last year,comments Gian Marco Centinaio, undersecretary of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, “and in this sense the constant success of Cantine Aperte and all the other events organized by the Wine Tourism Movement is, on the one hand, an element that induces us to optimism and, on the other, an important ally in the achievement of our goal.

“We are sending a strong signal of revitalization and optimism in a period of criticality,” adds Fabio Rolfi, Lombardy Region’s councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems, “because Lombardy wine has made a qualitative leap in recent years and we want to make our labels known to Italy and the world, in the awareness of how this product is the main postcard of a territory that can increasingly become a source of tourism attraction. We need to focus on quality and communication, key factors to win the challenge.”

Discover the Open Wineries of Lombardy at Cantine Aperte

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