Originality at the Table with Bettisatti Accessories

Essential lines and the high-quality materials define the table accessories created by designers Mariasole Betti and Valentina Satti of Bettisatti.

Sapio Bettisatti

Sapio is a steel cutlery set. The set consists of a fork that can be divided into two chopsticks, a knife and a spoon. The multiple fork-chopstick accessory, joined by a food-grade elastic band, features essential, almost stylized lines and uniquely represents the fusion of different cultures at the table, enhancing the essence of relational, cultural and aesthetic experiences. The final processing of the accessories is handcrafted, resulting in each piece being slightly different from the other.

Bettisatti Cutting Board

The cutting board from the Isoipsa collection is characterized by the superimposition of two wood and marble tops. It also also comes with a special accessory useful during food preparation, a soap dish, to remove unpleasant food odors from the hands. The cutting board can be made of Nero Marquinia marble as well.

Totem Cucina and Totem Aperitivo Bettisatti

“Totem Cucina” is a tower composition of accessories aimed at improving daily habits in the home kitchen, now a place for culinary experimentation under the banner of sustainability, tradition and non-waste. The tower is a functional accessory useful for food preparation: the rifling, a surface feature of the wooden cap, is functional for making typical Italian dishes, as are the internal accessories, useful for making the most common food preparations. It includes a container, meat tenderizer, bottle stopper and spice scraper.

“Totem Aperitivo” develops on the theme of stackable, with attention to the composition and proportion of the elements. The decoration of the object is left to the user’s needs and tastes. Equipped with practical tools for the preparation of cocktails, it breaks down and transforms, characterizing the table with circular shapes that serve both as coasters and trays for finger food, the food to be eaten strictly with the hands. Consists of container, pestle, tray, tray cap, four wooden coasters and four stainless steel coasters.


Originality at the Table with Bettisatti Accessories

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