Orma by Roy Caceres: A Sensorial Culinary Journey in Rome

The restaurant “Orma,” a fine dining establishment in Rome, created by Colombian chef Roy Caceres, stands out for its gastronomic offerings aimed at charting “new paths” in the Italian culinary landscape. 

The extraordinary interior design and branding project were entrusted to Hangar Design Group, creating a warm and informal atmosphere with refined yet natural materials, enveloping seating, and tables resembling trees emerging from the floor, adorned with custom-made lamps and furnishings, crafting a sophisticated space filled with ample natural light filtered through large windows in recurring earthy and neutral colors such as shades of gray, beige, dove, or white.

An Expedition of Aesthetic Ques from La Calce del Brenta

It’s a contemporary space defined by natural materials like wood, stone, and copper, organized to enhance the visitor’s gastronomic experience through storytelling and participation. 

Every detail has been carefully chosen, including the wall colors with a wide selection from La Calce del Brenta,such as Vivasan lime paint and the Zer04 finish, all natural coverings designed to harmonize beauty and aesthetic quality with well-being. This harmony of beauty, brightness, and well-being, thanks in large part to the qualities of lime, adds a potent defense against humidity. These environmentally and health-friendly proposals come in tones of grays and beiges.

Italy Meets South America at Orma by Roy Caceres

Chef Caceres, with his Latin heart, embodies a gastronomic philosophy that can be summed up as “eliminating the superfluous.” He elevates the richness of the Italian territory by infusing it with his South American heritage while keeping the focus on flavor and ingredients without unnecessary technicalities.

The restaurant Orma is located on Via Boncompagni in the Ludovisi district, one of the most prestigious areas in the historic center, where many 19th-century buildings with imposing entrances and decorated balconies house offices or hotels. Just a short walk from the famous Via Veneto, Orma boasts an architecturally striking structure designed down to the smallest details.

Roy Caceres’ new internationally inspired restaurant, spanning two levels, is a minimalistic place that, like each of its dishes, evokes memories, emotions, and sensory stimuli. It’s a contemporary space offering a gastronomic range from fine dining in the evenings to a bistro for a light lunch break.

Paola De Toni, co-owner of the family-owned La Calce del Brenta company, states, “We are very pleased to have been chosen for this project. Proud to have contributed to defining a restaurant that interprets our philosophy (of safeguarding Italian heritage for over a century), as well expressed by Chef Roy Caceres, who wanted to present the flavors of his birthplace combined with the proud Italian tradition.”

La Calce del Brenta

Orma by Roy Caceres: A Sensorial Culinary Journey in Rome

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