The Pleasure of Cooking Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens take the indoor kitchen and transport them out into the fresh air: Steel Cucine‘s outdoor kitchen brings design and innovation in the open air, enhancing the pleasure of cooking outdoors.

When warmer weather and longer days roll round, that desire to eat outdoors, cook outdoors, and gather with our family and friends for a lovely meal in the fresh air all sink in. There truly is something infinitely more delicious about a meal prepared outside, and our yards and terraces become an extension of our homes.

As gardens and patios are set up as areas for relaxation, we can also turn them into the perfect place to receive guests during the summer. This is why owning a real outdoor kitchen is a very advantageous choice to make the most of the space available: if on one hand cooking outdoors means making the moment of preparation a convivial occasion, it is important to consider how installing a stainless steel kitchen means equipping yourself with an asset that will last over time.

Outdoor Kitchens by Steel Cucine

The Steel Cucine outdoor range offers a collection of grills, hobs, modular systems equipped with one or two sinks and insulated drawers, refrigerators designed exclusively for outdoor use: a wide selection that allows you to compose an authentic semi-professional outdoor kitchen.

The professionalism and know-how developed in sculpting stainless steel, the attention to detail and the aim of creating products to satisfy the so-called food lovers make the company’s outdoor line one of its flagship products.

Among the available variants, Steel Cucine’s barbecue models have the advantage of being equipped with a customisable grill surface: the Green cooker, for example, is available in two different sizes, with cast stainless steel burners, ceramic heat diffusers, one or two insulated drawers, metal knobs, teak wood shelf, telescopic lid and skewer.

The Swing model, also available in two sizes, has a double-layer cooking lid, three or four stainless steel cast burners, stainless steel heat diffusers, metal knobs, one or two drawers and a side burner.

If, on the other hand, you want to prepare a complete dinner in the garden, Steel Cucine offers the Genesi modular system: gas hobs, sink and storage compartments can be added to the grill tops.

Another advantage of Steel outdoor kitchens is the ease of cleaning and maintenance: stainless steel is undoubtedly the most hygienic choice and, in fact, it is no coincidence that all professional kitchens are made of this non-porous material that is highly resistant to germs and bacteria.

The Pleasure of Cooking Outdoors

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