An Explosion of Taste at High Altitude

“Ovindoli Sottosopra” is an ambitious project that is disrupting customs at high altitude: the idea belongs to Gianluca Schicchi, who for 15 years has been committed to enhancing the Abruzzo territory of Ovindoli and the Sirente – Velino Park, Giorgio Tammaro, one of the members of the Piper Club, a historic and iconic venue in the capital, and Fabio Di Vilio, Chef of La Scialuppa da Salvatore in Fregene.

Experience Ovindoli Sottosopra

Sottosopra – which means “upside down” – was created to sit atop the beautiful land on which Mount Magnola stands and to bring fun, music, good food, events and many activities to its highest peak.

Refugio 2027 High Quality at High Altitude

Thus was born Refugio 2027, a chalet at an altitude of 2027 meters from the foot of the lifts. A wooden structure that accommodates up to 160 covers for a food proposal in the name of the purely Abruzzese tradition yet enjoyable in a smart version: polenta, soups, sandwiches, first courses, grilled arrosticini and sausages, local cold cuts and cheeses with home made savory jams, of onions or peppers. Everything is freshly made with the highest quality raw materials. The day, however, is marked by the sun, starting at 8:30 a.m. until the facilities close at 4:30 p.m.

A real pit stop where you can have breakfast with strudels, apple pies, tarts, cookies and croissants, doughnuts and hot drinks, have lunch, but most of all party with all-day-long aperitifs served with local tapas (rolled bacon, lard, salami, sheep sausages, loin) from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends and from lunchtime until closing during the week. A partner in the project is Bernabei, Rome’s quintessential winery since 1933, which guarantees a wide premium selection for spirits, various types of gin, rum, and local natural wines.

An ideal space to rejuvenate but also to entertain the many skiers who venture onto the slopes. A true lifestyle concept, perhaps still too confined to the equally splendid chalets of Northern Italy but which the Ovindoli Sottosopra Project is also bringing to the mountains near Rome.

Surrounded by Cozy at Daino Risto Club

Descending to the foot of the lifts, one then arrives at Daino Risto Club, a historic venue in Ovindoli but one that the group has renovated in its furnishings where wood once again takes center stage right down to the bar counter. The result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its 90 covers. The kitchen is headed by Chef Fabio Di Vilio who, from Fregene, has arrived in the mountains together with his team. A new challenge in which passion and technique find new insights and result in authentic, osteria-like dishes.

Abruzzo and More

Lots of Abruzzo on the menu but also a few references to Rome, including mountain taglieri, supplì al telefono, Roman-style tripe, pappardelle with four ragùs, bean and sausage soup, sheep or liver arrosticini, abbacchio, and deer cheeseburger. A plethora of home-made dishes with the addition of a take-away and delivery service that is always active, making the real novelty the fact that they can be tasted in the warmth and comfort of one’s own home leaving the cold and snow at the door.

Ovindoli Sottosopra

An Explosion of Taste at High Altitude

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