Pairing Haute Cuisine and Beers at Turin’s Opera Torino

Sought-after Opera Torino Ingegno e Creatività Turin restaurant, known for its charming atmosphere and creative and clean-cut seasonal cuisine focuses on products of the territory prepared with talented innovation, adds craft beers to its extensive drinks list. Known for their exceptional wine pairings, the restaurant now offers carefully chosen beer and food pairings featuring ales from Torino-based brewery EDIT Brewing.

Haute Cuisine’s Counter-Culture at Opera Torino

Opera’s sommelier Carlo Salino made the choice to add these artisanal beers to the wine list even if it was a move that ran a bit counter-culture. “I chose to put EDIT Brewing’s beers on the menu to break from the canons of haute cuisine because the product does not undergo pasteurization, it is of excellent quality, and because it is packaged in cans, an element that in my opinion will represent the future of the sector, because of its ability to preserve the drink protected from the sun’s rays,” he remarked.

“Opera is the first haute cuisine restaurant in Turin to welcome our products,” said EDIT Brewing Sales Manager and Bier Sommelier Davide De Giorgi. “While traditionally wine will always be favored in Piedmont, a growing number of customers have a preference for beer, because it is easy to enjoy and because the quest for an artisanal product – born 20 years ago, in this very region – is gathering more and more admirers.”

EDIT Brewing thus becomes the first Italian brand on Opera’s wine list, given and considering that the craft beer section was inaugurated two years ago, by sommelier Carlo Salino himself, with Belgian sour beers.

EDIT Brewing Beers

There are five EDIT Brewing labels that Carlo Salino has chosen, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate offerings, in both cases able to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

There is the possibility to order the Mia – Lager Hell, clear, light, and with aromas of bread crust, acacia honey, and white flowers, the Blanche Noise – Italian Blanche, delicately spiced and sweet, with citrus and delicate malt notes, the Glitch Slap – Dunkel Bock, amber, medium-bodied and pleasantly sweet, the Ipaconda! – American IPA, golden, tropical, and moderately bitter, and finally the Liquifade – Modern IPA, clear, light, and with a bitter, citrus, and cereal flavor.

All the beer designs are the result of meticulous graphic work that, in the case of the Opera restaurant, will be put on display at the time of serving by the glass, which will take place in the gueridon brought to the room, in front of the table.

Food and Beer Pairing with EDIT Brewing

EDIT Brewing’s five beers can be ordered individually from the craft beer section of the restaurant’s wine list, which can be browsed on the website and at the table. Diners can choose to pick the labels they prefer, based on personal taste and knowledge, or they can rely on the expertise of sommelier Carlo Salino, who can recommend the most suitable pairing for Chef Stefano Sforza’s dishes.

There are two examples in this regard. The first involves the Blanche Noise – Italian Blanche, paired with the vegetarian appetizer Zucchini, Mango, and Amaranth from the carte, for the lightness of the beer and the pleasant notes of pepper, chamomile, and tangerine zest.

The second features Glitch Slap – Dunkel Bock – a beer which as the name points out, offers a sort of taste slap given by an amber beer with intense malt and caramel aromas and a full, medium sweet but dry closing sip – paired with Chicken, Plums, Hazelnut from the Opera menu, chosen for its equally assertive flavors, offering a perfect balance to the beer.

Opera Torino

Pairing Haute Cuisine and Beers at Turin’s Opera Torino

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