Pairing Wines with Seafood Risotto

A perfect dish to enjoy on a hot summer day, caressed by the sea breeze – seafood risotto, a classic summertime recipe tra sooo you to the Med. But which wine pairing can enhance these soft flavors? Here, Luca Maroni, Italy’s Sensorial Wine Analyst, offers us three perfect parings.

Seafood risotto with a Grechetto

Grechetto Umbria 2016 Barbanera

“Duca di Saragnano presents fruit that deepens becoming pulpy, persuasive and pure in and from every Barbanera. A richness of notes, a proportion between the basal gustatory addendums (acidity-softness-tannin), a stainless and respectful transformative enology, which in ethereal essence renders the treasure of aroma of its compositional grapes.”   Barbanera Vini

Seafood risotto with a Pinot Bianco

Pinot Bianco Riserva 2015 Russiz Superiore

“Russiz Superiore presents a series of whites of rare, excellent compositional density culminating in an acme of absolute depth. The Pinot Bianco Riserva, deep straw yellow in color with gold-green highlights, is characterized by an elegant bouquet of ripe apple and flowers accompanied by a background of bread crust and sweet notes. Enveloping in the mouth, it is full-bodied. The balance between sapidity and softness leads to a very long finish that develops into warm notes.”   Marco Felluga e Russiz Superiore

Seafood Risotto with a Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio Doc Costallina 2018 Riolite Wines

The third wine pairing suggested by Luca Maroni for pairing with seafood risotto is an elegant white, Pinot Grigio Doc Costallina 2018 by Riolite Vini: “White and red wines of exceptional organoleptic value from Riolite Vini. Samples that in the different categories reveal a tenor of the three decisive quality parameters – consistency, balance, integrity – close to the highest heights of attainability. The palatal softness, the enological clarity of the transformation shines in vivid and clear aromas in the whites, with the extractive richness brought by the 2017 vintage, thus completing the picture.”   Riolite Vini

Pairing Wines with Seafood Risotto

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