Paola Lenti’s Strap Outdoor Table Series: A Symphony of Style and Craftsmanship

Anticipating spring, Paola Lenti’s outdoor table series, Strap, enriches with new decorations inspired by the typical colors and shapes of the beautiful season.

The vibrant tones of large leaves drawn on the surfaces stand out boldly from the enameled copper: a distinctive detail that reflects the harmony and regenerative power of nature, an endless source of inspiration for Paola Lenti.

Strap’s true magic lies in the “grand feu” enameling technique, a complex, age-old artisanal method that harmonizes two seemingly incompatible materials: metal and glass.

Crafted entirely by hand in her Padova workshop by artist Alessandra Malfatti, this enameling process involves a meticulous and lengthy high-temperature fusion process that produces unique transparencies, opacities, and oxidations, each time different. The allure of this craftsmanship primarily resides in the color, which is vibrant and brilliant, capable of adding a strong touch of personality to environments of any style.

Born for outdoor use but perfect indoors, the Strap series, designed by Victor Carrasco, is suitable for both public and private projects, in large spaces as well as more confined environments like balconies and small terraces, each providing a nuanced elegance that fills everyday life with style.

The tables are available in various sizes. The structure is made of matte graphite-painted aluminum and comes complete with plastic feet. The Esmal-finished copper surface is achieved by hand, following the aforementioned “grand feu” enameling technique.

The thickness of the surface is intentionally left untreated to allow the material to oxidize over time,transitioning naturally from a bright red color to an intense brown, and finally to the classic oxide green.

Strap tables are also available in a version with both structure and surface in matte or glossy painted aluminum in collection colors. In this case, they can be complemented by a central Rope handle in a matching color.

Photo Credits: © Paola Lenti srl – ph. by Sergio Chimenti

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti’s Strap Outdoor Table Series: A Symphony of Style and Craftsmanship

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