Pizza’s Historical New Home in Rome at Brucio

When in Rome, look for Brucio – the pizzeria that blends together the past and present by proposing a modern pizza in an inspiring space located in one of the most authentic areas of Italy’s capital.

Rome’s Contemporary Pizzeria in a Historic Location

A venue of notable historical importance that harmoniously acquires a modern guise to propose a contemporary pizza in the center of the city, the pizzeria “Brucio – Fuoco e Farina,” the new restaurant project of Antonio and Fabio Scorzafava, who have long been engaged in the sector with other establishments, brings to Piazza delle Coppelle a classically inspired product but with a modern concept.  

The restaurant, located in a high-ceilinged historic building with exposed stone, was conceived as a place in which to combine furnishing elements with attractive colors and velvet seating that echo the ambience’s cultural value. The Scorzafava brothers enlisted three other partners in this new professional challenge: Alessandro Avato, a young pizzaiolo with important experience in the most appreciated pizzerias in the capital, to immediately focus on a high quality product, Emanuele Lamanna who follows the restaurant from an operational point of view, and Eleonora Pagliarulo, the female face of Brucio.

Three interior rooms, characterized by the combination of green and gold colors, which can accommodate up to 50 seats to which can be added the 30 seats located in the charming outdoor space make up the structure of Brucio – Fuoco e Farina, whose atmosphere is completed by the open oven positioned between the two main rooms. A successful alternation of old and modern elements give life to a pizzeria that aims to be the best pizza spot for tourists and residents seeking out dining with that added flair of history, creativity and pure simple fun.

“From the very beginning, we were won over by the possibility of bringing one of Rome’s historic squares back into vogue by offering quality catering dedicated not only to the many visitors but especially to Romans – a spot for a delicious unique pizza,” says Antonio Scorzafava.

On the Menu at Brucio – Fuoco e Farina

The complete dining proposal is equally intriguing thanks to the combined work of Alessandro Avato at the oven and Giorgio Faga in the kitchen: “We offer a contemporary, Caserta-inspired pizza with 70 % hydration. I work with Umbrian grains that give an incredible olfactory sensation to the dough, resulting in an authentic flavor that is enhanced by toppings prepared in the kitchen by Giorgio,” stresses Alessandro Avato.

A philosophy that makes it possible to create a menu focused on fried foods and pizzas, the latter also present in the “Dalla Piazza” section, a series of proposals created by drawing inspiration from the old use of Piazza delle Coppelle, a place where there used to be a market.

At Brucio’s, it is always a good idea to start off the dining experience by sampling Fritti such as the Supplì Classico, the Crocchetta di patate, the Frittatina alla Vignarola, the Spaghetto di patata fritta with Luciana-style octopus filling, the Baccalà alla romana and Brucio Fritto, a fried pizza with burnt eggplant cream, capocollo, grilled eggplant, stracchino cheese and white sesame seeds. Also not to be missed is the Spicchi section, doughs prepared with biga and baked in a skillet, available in a series of versions including Bruschetta, Beef Tartare, Crusco and Porchetta, and Red Shrimp and Chamomile.

The pizzas, on the other hand, are divided into the classic categories of White, Red, and the aforementioned “From the Square” section. Among the former, the Scarola e Alici – escarole and anchiovies, the Boscaiola, the Sformato (béchamel sauce, mimosa potatoes, fior di latte cheese, cooked ham, parmesan, nutmeg), and the Focaccia with pomodoro bufala e prosciutto, as well as the Carbonara all deserve a mention.

Among the reds not to be missed are the Margherita con Bufala, the Napoli, the Capricciosa, the Diavola, and the Amatriciana, while “Dalla Piazza” offers a choice of the Margherita Brucio (homemade date tomato sauce, Bufala stracciatella, basil coulis), the Saltimbocca alla Romana, the Genovese, the Seppie e piselli, and Una Vegana a Coppelle are all irresistible.

Desserts are also homemade, and on the menu are Bruciamisù, a particular interpretation of a great classic, the most representative dessert on the menu, Creme Brulèe, Chocolate Soufflé with cardamom ice cream, Ginger Shortbread, and Spicchio, a sweet version of a rotisserie pizza.

A place with an ancient soul and a modern guise, a contemporary pizzeria where one can enjoy a quality dough topped with original touches, in a restaurant with a strongly seasonal menu aimed at surprising for the authenticity of both flavors and historic setting. At Brucio – Fuoco e Farina, it will also be possible to accompany fried foods and pizzas with the choices of labels on the beverage menu – featuring wines, bubbles and craft beers.

Brucio – Fuoco e Farina

Photo Credits: Giulio Di Gregorio

Pizza’s Historical New Home in Rome at Brucio

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