Where Refinement Meets a Bold New Path: Domus by Ginori 1735

The grace and purity of porcelain and the audacity to experiment give birth to Ginori 1735’s first home collection: Domus, the collection of lamps, furniture, and textiles that marks the Maison’s debut in interior design.

Created in collaboration with the companies Rubelli, known for their exquisite fabrics, and Barovier&Toso, a brand praised for its creative lighting elements – both chosen for their craftsmanship and sensibility-Domus charts a new and unmistakable path in which porcelain becomes not just a material, but an attitude, a tension, a desire that leads Ginori 1735 toward a comprehensive lifestyle.

The four fabrics in the Domus collection – Oriente Italiano, Sagitta, Saia, and Ondori – are the result of a collaborative effort made by Rubelli’s designers with Ginori 1735 and with Luca Nichetto, with whom Rubelli has collaborated before.

The fabrics all include jacquards made in the Rubelli weaving mill in Cucciago, Como: Oriente Italiano and Ondori refer to iconic decorations of the Manifattura, while Sagitta is a tribute to the creative genius of Gio Ponti.

If the relief effect is one of the main features, on the subject of colors, the presence of “Ginori blue,” which has always been the hallmark of Manifattura’s porcelain, should be highlighted.

A charming curiosity: the small crown, the historical symbol of Ginori 1735 porcelain, has been reproduced on all fabrics.

All four jacquards are suitable for upholstery and decoration. Two are fire retardant and have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Greenguard Gold certifications; the other two-thanks to the use of evo nylon in the chain-are in the category of environmentally sustainable fabrics.

The Domus collection represents a perfect fusion of contemporary design, fashion, Italian know-how, and quality materials.

It is a collection entirely made in Italy, in which the artistic work enhances the value of the product by emphasizing its originality.

Domus Ginori 1735: Italian Orient

Exploring and combining new materials with the distinctive style of Ginori 1735’s Oriente Italiano porcelain collection, the interweaving of threads in the cotton and viscose jacquard fabrics recalls the play of light and shadow of watercolor on porcelain, creating delicate nuances capable of unleashing floral explosions. Oriente Italiano fabrics are an invitation to experiment, because only through creativity and innovation can the roots and history of a brand be kept alive. They are available in 6 colors + 1 (gold, limited edition).

Domus Ginori 1735: Ondori

Ginori 1735’s iconic Ji Ondori-populated Galli Rossi decoration, composed of light and delicate leaves, a symbol of virtue and good fortune according to Asian tradition, is transformed into a sophisticated all-over jacquard fabric. The liberating dance of the leaves represents a new lively and light energy, inspiring one to let go of spontaneity. It is offered in seven colors.

Domus Ginori 1735: Sagitta

Sagitta celebrates the creative genius of Gio Ponti through a sophisticated fabric of diagonal lines that join into a horizontal line, generating depth and movement. Inclined trajectories are capable of transforming the perception of reality, as Brunelleschi did with perspective, and of stimulating the human imagination, as Escher did with impossible constructions. Sagitta’s oblique lines seem to unleash lightning bolts of energy, creating a sense of dimension and dynamism. Sagitta is not just a play on perspective; it is the essence of reality and creativity in motion. Fire retardant, it is available in six colors.

Domus Ginori 1735: Saia

Everything flows, everything is transformed. Saia is a constantly evolving jacquard fabric that recalls the shaded coloring techniques used for Ginori 1735 porcelain. The manufacturing process at Manifattura Ginori 1735 is extraordinary and surprising at every glance. Saia does not invite one to stop but rather to enjoy the emotions generated by the small everyday transformations. Fireproof, it is offered in four colors.

Ginori 1735

Where Refinement Meets a Bold New Path: Domus by Ginori 1735

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