Sensous satin

A series of porcelain glasses that are sumptuous to the eye and to the touch: the new Satin Champagne tumblers from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG expand the Sip of Gold collection.

The Sensual Touch of Porcelain Glasses

Minimalist yet opulent, elegant yet ornate, the accessories are punctuated by a soft, velvety matte satin finish such that holding them in your hands becomes a sensual experience.

The pristine white or raven black exterior is paired with 24-karat gold on the inside, which creates shimmering reflections and the impression of liquid gold when serving a drink in the glass. The very fine porcelain, about two millimeters thick, gives these unique handmade pieces an exquisite lightness.

SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Additional Pieces

Other new additions to the brand include the Porcelain Cooler Cushion, designed by Michael Sieger to perfectly complement Sip of Gold champagne glasses.

This lavish piece is handcrafted using the finest porcelain and 24-karat gold. The cooler’s elegant relief, crafted with palpable precision, gives it a sculptural quality. The gleaming gold interior can be used to store cool drinks or to hold a large bouquet of flowers.

The accessory, perfect for those looking for something special, is available polished enamel or punctuated by a fine satin finish that is especially pleasant to the touch, in pure white or black.


Sensous satin

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