Pork with Coffee

Michelin star chef Paolo Barrale of Aria Restaurant in Naples presents his unusual recipe Pork, Black Mole, Endive, and Orange – a dish that celebrates coffee beyond the typical morning brew. Bringing together the sweetness of pork with the layers of deep coffee, bright orange, and the nutty flavors of braised endive.

For his creation, Barrale employs Italy’s most beloved beverage for this exquisite recipe, made spicy and with smoky hints through the use of coffee powder.


For the mole

Leek: 95 g
Spring onion: 40 g
Pitted black olives in brine: 110 g
Tomato: 250 g
Black or red bell pepper: 290 g
Miso: 25 g
Desalted capers: 40 g
Soy sauce: 30 g
Fish sauce: 30 g
Garlic: 2,5 g
Tamarind syrup: 8 g
Balsamic vinegar: 5 g
Prune: 120 g
Ground coffee: 15 g

For the Pork Ribs

Loin cooked at 54° for 100 minutes: to taste

For the Endive Millefeuille

Endive leaves braised and buttered: to taste
Orange reduction: to taste
Pork bottom: to taste

For the Piadina

Pork belly with Mediterranean herbs cooked at low temperature s 72° for 12 hours then glazed with pibil sauce: to taste
Sweet and sour onion: to taste
Endive: to taste
Raw green chilies: to taste
Mustard mayonnaise: to taste

For the Mayo

Seed oil: 130 g
Egg: 50 g
Rice vinegar: 10 g
Salt: 2 g
Mustard: 5 g

For the Pibil sauce

Achiote grains: 50 g
Orange juice: 200 g
Lime juice: 100 g
Well-reduced pork stock: 300 g
Anhydrous glucose: 30 g

Procedure for the Pork Recipe

For the mole

Char all the vegetables and olives on a grill. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend everything, then pass the mixture through a Pacojet several times.

For the Ribs

Brown the ribs in a pan on the skin only, to make it crispy.

For the Endive Millefeuille

Spread braised endive leaves in a baking dish, cool, and cut into 3×6 rectangles. With the remaining liquid from cooking, glaze the endive when ready to serve. Top the millefeuille with coffee powder and orange powder and top with some wasabi sprouts over the meat.

For the Pibil sauce

Blend the achiote grains, orange juice, and lime juice well until smooth, then take 100 g of achiote and citrus base and add the remaining ingredients.

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Pork with Coffee

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