Fever-Tree Cocktails at Porto Rotondo’s Hotel Abi D’Oru

Fever-Tree’s flavors of Sardinia and a new dedicated cocktail list arrive at Hotel Abi d’Oru in Porto Rotondo.

Fever-Tree – the first range of super-premium mixers created from a carefully curated search for the best botanicals on the market – arrives in Sardinia on the beach of Marinella, outfitting part of the Pool Bar at Hotel Abi d’Oru for summer 2023.

With a mobile Bar Station for poolside service and many fun customizations – such as ice-buckets, runners, and pillows – Fever-Tree brings a selection of exclusively natural botanicals, dedicated to the island and to the beautiful summer season, for a new cocktail list designed to accompany the most relaxed and carefree moments of vacation.

Among the summer’s leading drinks is the “Mediterranean Tonic Water” with subtle saline notes, made by blending the essential oils of Mediterranean flowers, fruits, and herbs; the “Pink Grapefruit Soda” for a light and refreshing sip that is balanced by the floral notes of pink grapefruit; and the “Elderflower Tonic Water” in perfect combination with gin, which blends the properties of the best quinine in the Congo with the essential oils of elderflowers hand-picked in Gloucestershire, England.

From this careful selection of references, coupled with the creativity of Bar Manager Marcello Cabiddu and his team, come the new drinks, featuring the unmistakable scents and flavors of the Mediterranean, that guests will find at the pool bar.

Fever-Tree Cocktails at Hotel Abi D’Oru – Porto Rotondo

Try Beesness, made with 40 ml of Aspide, 10 ml of Bomba Carta, 30 ml of orange juice, 20 ml of Abi d’oru arbutus honey, top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Take a sip of the Life Tree, made with 50 ml Adras vodka, 30 ml pink grapefruit juice, 20 ml strawberry puree, Fee Foam, top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Order a Marinella Hot Breeze, made with 40 ml Mezcal 400 conejos, 10 ml Cointreau, 20 ml lime juice, 20 ml rosemary infusion, top up with Fever-Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda.

Mix a Saturday Night Fever, based on 40 ml of Gin Grifu Limu, 20 ml of Italicus, 30 ml of lemon juice, 6 mint leaves, 3 drops of Mandrabis, top up with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.


Hotel Abi D’Oru

Fever-Tree Cocktails at Porto Rotondo’s Hotel Abi D’Oru

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