Potato Gnocchi, Fondue, Smoked Char and Red Fruits

A recipe that reveals all the flavors of the mountains – a creation of Michelin-starred chef Peter Brunel.

A colorful dish rich in scents, which contains all the essence of the mountain, with genuine ingredients declined with elegance: Potato gnocchi, fondue, smoked char and red fruits, taken from the book La Scienza degli Ortaggi, published by Trenta Editore.

Ingredients for 4-6 people

For the gnocchi

White potatoes: 1 kg
Flour 00: 200 g
Parmesan cheese 24 months: 80 g
Evo oil: 10 g
Egg yolks: 4
Fine salt: 15 g

For the fondue

Whole milk: 100 ml
Fresh cream: 100 ml
Parmesan cheese 36 months: 160 g
Maizena: 3 g
Salt: to taste
Blackberries: 12-14

For the smoked char

Fresh char: 200 g
Salt: 20 g
Sugar: 10 g

For the decoration

Tapioca: 100 g
Sprouts: to taste


Cook the potatoes in their skins for 45 minutes in cold water, then peel and mash them. Knead the potatoes using the mallet so as not to heat the dough too much. Form dumplings of 10 grams each. Place all the ingredients for the fondue in a heatproof jug and bring to 80°. Cool and store in a vacuum. Put inside a vacuum bag the char, salt and sugar and macerate for 4 hours. Then smoke, remove the skin and cut into regular cubes. Cook the tapioca in boiling water until it becomes transparent; drain and cool under running water. Cook the gnocchi for 4-6 minutes depending on the mixture, then brown in clarified butter. Before serving, blend the blackberries and leave some whole for garnishing the dish. Add the puree to the fondue (40 g of puree per 300 g of fondue). Emulsify until the mixture changes color. Soften the tapioca with a little hot water and place it on the plate. Arrange the gnocchi at the base and, next to them, add the char, tapioca, blackberries and sprouts. Top with the fondue.

La Scienza degli ortaggi

Potato Gnocchi, Fondue, Smoked Char and Red Fruits

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