A Sartorial Spirit in Tribute to Milan: Principe Gin

Milan Dorchester Collection’s Hotel Principe di Savoia, a city institution that has seen kings, queens, artists, harms literary figures and celebrities from every era stay in its rooms, pays homage to the city and its history with the creation of Principe Gin: a sartorial gin, made to measure by the Cillario & Marazzi distillery in the heart of the Varese foothills of the Alps, famous for its use of high-quality organic ingredients and artisanal production methods, which has interpreted the wishes of Principe Bar Manager Daniele Confalonieri to the fullest.

The Elegance of Principe Gin

A designer bottle and label, created by London-based artist Jordan Nelson, accompany this precious gin, which can be consumed at the Principe Bar and purchased exclusively inside the hotel as well as being available soon in the online shop.

A spirit with a smooth, elegant and pleasant taste: this is how Principe Gin presents itself, characterized by a predominant but delicate note of mulberry, which is flanked by hints of lime honey, rosemary and mint, with a lemongrass finish that lends freshness to the sip. Ideal served on its own with an ice cube to savor all its aromas, but also blended in signature cocktails.

The Signature of Daniele Confalonieri

The idea of Principe Gin is owed to the professionalism of Bar Manager Daniele Confalonieri, for the past twelve years the spearhead of the Principe Bar, who has expertly selected the blend of this distillate, together with Cillario & Marazzi, to please the tastes of the Hotel guests, embellishing the moment of service with a story to tell.

With his mastery, he also devised a drink list of four signature cocktails that will complement the bar’s offerings, designed to enhance Principe Gin in combination with food creations curated by chef Alessandro Buffolino of Acanto Restaurant.

They range from the classic Gin Tonic with a brushstroke of light blue, the color of the Principe Bar, paired with veils of “Podere Cadassa” culatello with carasau bread, to the long drink “Mi-Va’,” based on Campari and Principe Gin, which plays on the provenances of the two ingredients Milan and Varese, served with tempuraed shrimp, and then continuing with a Martini Cocktail, ideal served also as an after-dinner drink, composed of Principe Gin, St. Germain, agave syrup and vaporization of Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur, to be enjoyed paired with fried squash blossoms, mozzarella and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Artist Jordan Nelson Captures the Spirit of Milan

For the important 700 ml premium Saverglass bottle, London-based illustrator Jordan Nelson wanted to express, through color patches and a stylized face, what he sees as the essence of Milan, a city of fashion and lifestyle, made up of dynamic and stylish people, using the Principe’s color palette. All enclosed in a precious box with a modern twist, ideal as a Christmas gift for mixology enthusiasts, but also as a cadeau in memory of a pleasant stay at Hotel Principe di Savoia.

“I am happy to have completed, together with Cillario & Marazzi, the creation of this new gin,” says Ezio Indiani, General Manager Hotel Principe di Savoia. – Mulberry-based, with a smooth taste that accommodates the preferences of both men and women, Principe Gin is sure to be highly appreciated by all our guests. The mastery of our barman Daniele Confalonieri will know how to make the most of this excellent distillate.”

Cillario & Marazzi is distinguished by the use of carefully selected botanicals, preferring the use of fresh ones, enhanced by certified organic Italian wheat alcohol and the purest water from a mountain spring. Distillation is carried out using the London Dry Vapour Infused method, which allows aroma and flavor to be extracted in a gentle manner, giving the gin unique characteristics.

Principe Gin, with its distinct hints of mulberry blackberry, takes us back in time, to the time of Ludovico Maria Sforza known as “the Moor,” who introduced the cultivation of mulberry trees – “murùn” in dialect – in the Lombardy countryside, a natural habitat for silkworms, thus promoting the entire production chain of this precious fabric, used in high fashion and furniture. A distillate, then, that pays homage to the silk tradition of Lombardy and the fashion capital par excellence, Milan.


A Sartorial Spirit in Tribute to Milan: Principe Gin

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