In the Pursuit of Exploration with Foscarini

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023, Foscarini presents its new collections in the renewed setting of Euroluce and at FuoriSalone, at Foscarini Spazio Monforte, with two lighting installations designed by Ferruccio Laviani.

Foscarini at Euroluce and FuoriSalone in Milan

Essential and oriented to enhance the legibility of the new models the language of the stand at the fair is capable of creating dreamlike and immersive atmospheres in the showroom in Corso Monforte. Two different ” attires,” apparently opposed and instead perfectly coherent and representative of the variety of characters and meanings of the Foscarini brand.

Beyond Lighting

The narrative that Foscarini brings to its public and that is reflected in the new collections develops from three main axes, which have always been an expression of the company’s DNA: the continuity of the design dialogue with creatives from outside the company; curiosity towards new languages and talents; and research on materials in search of answers to design themes and new expressive possibilities.

Each Foscarini lamp is a multi-handed project that is built together, through dialogue and exchange, to bring to the public design objects that are distinguishable in character and meaning, and capable of eliciting a lasting relationship with the people who choose them for the spaces in which they live. At Foscarini, the idea becomes a lamp when it offers the possibility of exploring new horizons of meaning and the ability to create relationships with decorative lamps capable of transforming space, even when turned off.

Among the new products will be previewed Fregio, a section of a floral bas-relief that becomes an important hanging and wall lamp.


The protagonist of the installation at Foscarini Spazio Monforte, Fregio stems from the evolution of the Battiti research project, led by Andrea Anastasio starting from his experience with the Gatti art workshop: an exploration of the value and meaning of “decoration” through the integration of particular light views and archival ceramics presented by Foscarini at FuoriSalone 2022.

For Battiti, Anastasio got his hands on historical works from the Gatti archive, a historic artisan workshop based in Faenza that has to its credit collaborations with illustrious artists of all times, disassembling them and then reassembling them with strips of light, following an instinctive logic that overturned the traditional one and arrived at proposing new forms and meanings.

“Fregio is the result of research into the relationship between light and volume and, in particular, how bas-relief depends on the way light touches the surface of the material. The frieze is part of the entablature placed between the architrave and cornice and is often what remains of complex architecture, becoming evidence of highly articulated past narratives,” says Andrea Anastasio.

The horizontal course of Fregio has, from the beginning, characterized the decision to conceive a suspended lamp that would “adorn” tables or desks, offering an important light, directed both downward and upward. The illuminating and narrative functions, delivered to the ornament, are thus distinct and well delineated, letting the frieze converse with the space even when the lamp is off.

Two straps at the ends of the frieze anchor the two ceramic sections to the metal profile containing the LEDs, emphasizing the constructional mechanics and transforming the strapping into a structural and ornamental element at the same time.


In the Pursuit of Exploration with Foscarini

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