PYT Milan: The New Dining in Milan with Exclusive Menus and Entertainment

PYT Milan has officially opened the doors of its charming location at 6 Via Antonio Pacinotti, ushering in a new era for the city’s entertainment and dining in Milan.

Under the motto “Exclusive Dining Experience,” PYT offers a unique and immersive experience, a dinner show to escape from reality and an exclusive after-dinner.

Dining in Milan at Pyt Milan’s New Dinner Show

From Wednesday to Sunday, PYT offers a brand new dining experience format, with as many as five different shows each week. Musa Love, Golden Twenties, and Crazy Luna Park are some of the entertainment that feature exceptional performers including singers, dancers, saxophonists, and acrobats each night that take guests on a multi-sensory journey of lights, music, and colors.

Food & Wine experience

The a la carte menu, expertly curated to delight the most refined palates, offers an extraordinary culinary experience. From the careful selection of ingredients to the composition of authentic culinary works of art, the menu reflects the excellence of PYT Milan with imperial plateaux of crudo and creative reinterpretations of the most authentic dishes of Italian cuisine.

The wine list boasts an exclusive selection of labels, a journey to discover the most prestigious bottles, from the great classics to the most recent discoveries.

For those who wish to prolong the magic of the experience, after dinner, a DJ Set that continues until the break of dawn turns PYT into a super exclusive club.

The ambiences of Pyt Milan

The interiors are characterized by a combination of art deco and industry style, in a palette of blue and gold tones. Among the special features, the lamps that distinguish the entire venue adapt to the different themes of the shows and create games of color and movement, helping to make each evening a unique experience.

PYT Milan is the new haunt for those looking for the essence of entertainment and high-end dining. A place where passion for excellence blends with breathtaking performances and extraordinary flavors, giving guests an unforgettable experience in the vibrant city of Milan.

PYT Milano

PYT Milan: The New Dining in Milan with Exclusive Menus and Entertainment

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