Ramun lamps featured in the exhibition “Io sono un drago. The true story of Alessandro Mendini “

The iconic Amuleto lamps from Ramun will be showcased in the exhibition “Io sono un drago. The true story of Alessandro Mendini” scheduled to take place until October 13th, 2024 at Triennale Milano.

Curated by Fulvio Irace, exhibition design by Pierre Charpin, this extensive retrospective will delve into Mendini’s creative universe, one of the greatest masters of contemporary design.

“When using this lamp in the dark, one has the feeling of being in the company of a playful object that is not merely useful, but like a magic little friend who protects you, similar to a cheerful robot, a good-luck charm.”
Alessandro Mendini

The Amuleto lamps, both in the floor lamp version and the table lamp variant Amuleto Pearl, along with their respective sketches, have been included in the exhibition within a highly evocative section called the “Galaxy,” where a group of luminous objects interact, creating a veritable constellation in a blue sky.

“We are delighted to exhibit the two Amuleto lamps from Ramun in the exhibition ‘Io sono un drago. The true story of Alessandro Mendini’. (…) To our father, these lamps were like Suns, almost explaining the sought-after technique that simulates the natural light of the sun. Alessandro Mendini was particularly fond of this project, a magical circle, an aura of great suggestion.”
Elisa Mendini e Fulvia Mendini

Crafted with exquisite materials and fine artisan techniques, the Amuleto lamps embody the technological research and innovative design that characterize Mendini’s work. Their presence in the exhibition celebrates the unique collaboration between the designer and Ramun, a relationship born from a shared desire to pioneer new frontiers in the field of lighting.

With brightness control over more than 51 levels and free from risks associated with UV and blue light, these lamps are optimized to eye health, does not get hot, and ensure uniform brightness throughout the light emission area.

Thanks to their distinctive features, the Amuleto lamps are now part of the permanent collections of numerous internationally renowned contemporary art museums, contributing to honoring Mendini’s lasting legacy in the world of design, architecture, and art.

Amuleto Floor Lamp

As a symbol of the Ramun collection, Amuleto originated as a table lamp and embodies Alessandro Mendini’s heartfelt wish of good fortune to his beloved grandson. Crafted with three equally sized circles made of “Stainedpla” material, each tinted in yellow, red, and blue, Amuleto exudes a playful appearance. These three elements symbolize the harmony among the sun, the moon, and the earth, serving as the base, joint, and illuminating crown respectively.

Exceptionally lightweight and free from visible wires, Amuleto’s structure features an articulation mechanism allowing for easy adjustment of the lamp’s tilt to suit individual preferences. The LED light and its 51 levels of brightness epitomize the project’s commitment to eye health: Amuleto’s light source is optimized for eye protection, developed in collaboration with renowned international ophthalmological hospital, ensuring no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, no flicker effect (Flicker Zero), and does not get hot.

Amuleto Pearl Table Lamp

Utilizing the intricate technique of mother-of-pearl inlay, Amuleto Pearl offers a reimagined version of the Amuleto lamp, enriching its design while maintaining its distinctive technological and functional characteristics. Limited to seventeen pieces, Amuleto Pearl emerges from the collaboration between Alessandro Mendini and Bang-ung Song, a renowned artisan and master of mother-of-pearl inlay.

In contrast to the original version, Amuleto Pearl distinguishes itself with a black coloration adorning the entire structure, including the circular elements. Intricate mother-of-pearl decorations are meticulously applied using the Najeon-chilgi technique, a traditional Korean decorative style expertly adapted to meet the lamp’s requirements.

Each Amuleto Pearl lamp features 1,550 pieces of mother-of-pearl meticulously arranged by hand according to Alessandro Mendini’s design, making each lighting fixture truly unique. The creation process entails meticulous precision and creativity, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece characterized by its painstaking craftsmanship.


Founded from the creative vision of Alessandro Mendini, Ramun stands out as a high-end lighting brand, its inception stemming from a conversation between the designer and his grandson, both passionate about the theme of light. A blend of imagination and technological exploration, Ramun lamps were originally crafted as a gesture of good fortune and eye health from the designer to his family.

The function of bringing luck and the focus on eye health remain central to the project: each lamp boasts innovative design, and the light source is optimized for eye health. Through collaboration with renowned international ophthalmological hospital, Ramun lamps are engineered to emit no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, no flicker effect (Flicker Zero), and does not get hot.

Among the most successful products are the Amuleto and Campanello lamps, esteemed as artworks displayed in the permanent collections of renowned contemporary art museums worldwide, including the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, the Groninger Museum, the Design Museum in Denmark, the DDP design museum in Korea, and the Tsinghua University Art Museum.


Ramun lamps featured in the exhibition “Io sono un drago. The true story of Alessandro Mendini “

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