Free standing Refrigeration by Signature Kitchen Suite

Refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars: free standing refrigeration solutions from Signature Kitchen Suite.

Re-envision the kitchen with maximum flexibility and customization with Signature Kitchen Suite, the brand of high-end built-in appliances from the LG Electronics Group, that now allows the installation of its refrigeration range in free standing mode.

In the free standing configuration, which is available for both single products and combinations of several appliances, the refrigerators and freezers, the French  doors, and the built-in wine cellar are installed inside cabinets with a linear design in AISI 304 stainless steel and a Scotch Brite finish, the same as the Signature Kitchen Suite front panels which can be ordered as accessories.

The Range of Signature Kitchen Suite

The refrigeration range consists of a range of products that make this central room of the home more linear and high-tech. French Door, the flagship product of the Signature Kitchen Suite refrigeration range is a refrigerator made up of  three separate compartments: the fridge with double doors, the freezer drawer and the central convertible drawer that can be set with customisable temperatures.

The tall fridge is, extremely spacious, with stainless steel interior, glass and ABS for the small shelves, and comes equipped with an internal water dispenser, and magnetic induction lighting, The tall freezer, offered in combination with the tall fridge, is characterized by extreme temperature precision, with only 1°C variation between the set and actual temperature. To round out the options, there is Wine Cellar, the perfect choice for wine lovers.

This appliance is equipped with two or three adjustable zones for temperature and humidity, depending on the model, and is adorned with natural beech wood and stainless steel interiors. The doors come equipped with Smart Knock Door technology that allows the activation of the internal lighting by knocking twice on the external glass.

All Signature Kitchen Suite products are Wi-Fi ready and can be connected to the home network, allowing you to remotely control their operation, switching them on and off. Thanks to the Smart Diagnosis system, all you need to do is bring your mobile device close to the appliance to check whether it is working properly and promptly identify any malfunctions.

Free standing Refrigeration by Signature Kitchen Suite

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