Reinterpreting the Codes of Marble with Del Savio 1910

Del Savio 1910 presents two new and sophisticated furniture elements, born from collaborations with Zanellato/Bortotto and Mae Engelgeer, that enhance the material effects of marble in a simultaneously original and functional synthesis.

Del Savio 1910 Presents Marble Reborn

Indeed, through unprecedented experiments aimed at highlighting its material characteristics and chromatic properties, marble assumes new functionalities, becoming the keystone for reinterpreting the codes of contemporary design and valuing the artisanal dimension of today’s production.

These two unpublished works represent a new course for the company’s history, transferring its research, now incessant for three generations, onto three dimensions and large proportions. It reinterprets its traditional expressive codes while continuing a dialogue with the art direction of Zanellato/Bortotto: marble textures are punctuated by lines of colored cement, which, surpassing their function as filling elements, become protagonists of the entire decorative project.

Marbling Table is a dining table that extends the Marble Marbling research initiated by the Zanellato/Bortotto studio with the expertise of Del Savio. Ancient paper marbling techniques inspired designers and the company to create an entirely new material of great complexity. The round top is composed of Verde Guatemala and Bianco di Carrara marbles, forming an irregular and dynamic pattern with colored cement resin that runs throughout the surface. The base is obtained from a cross-shaped structure in Verde Guatemala marble.

The Myth Cupboard/Sideboard plays with the graphics of the Myth/EIDOLA collection designed by Mae Engelgeer: thanks to combinations of materials, colors, and geometries, the pattern gains three-dimensionality, alluding to a trompe l’oeil effect. The contrasting color of the escape is a true decorative component, defining the design of the frontal, realized by combining modules in three marble varieties: Cipollino, Grigio Carnico, and Bianco Carrara.

Del Savio 1910

Reinterpreting the Codes of Marble with Del Savio 1910

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