Retreat into Wellbeing on the Shores of Sicily

An exclusive event entirely dedicated to physical and spiritual well-being created by Belmond and Technogym: the Retreat into Wellbeing debuts, scheduled from October 28th to November 4th at the Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina.

Belmond’s Exclusive Self-Care Retreat in Taormina

Belmond has always put the guest and his or her physical and psychological well-being at the center of its world, ensuring not only unforgettable holiday moments in perfect Italian style, but also promoting the best disciplines to keep fit and healthy, from exercise to healthy food.

Retreat into Wellbeing is a rejuvenating wellness stay in the pearl of the Ionian Sea, combining workout sessions with meditation activities and culinary traditions, allowing each guest to regain his or her inner balance and regenerate before the onset of winter, enjoying the Sicilian sun and combining psychophysical balance, sports and good food.

Experts in Wellbeing – Grand Hotel Timeo

Under the guidance of a Technogym personal trainer and lifestyle expert, this wellness retreat promises to be a harmonious, one-of-a-kind experience.

French-born Celine Vadam is a health coach who combines healing energy with chakra strengthening and meditation, inviting her clients to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Her holistic and personalized approach to wellness extends to all areas of daily life with the aim of introducing sustainable changes and making a healthy lifestyle fun.

Andrea Stuto, among the world’s top 10 beach tennis players and athletic trainer for tennis, volleyball, and beach volleyball, has been working with Technogym since 2014 as a Master Trainer and creates highly personalized training programs.

Each day of the program is dedicated to a chakra and includes different moments: a morning individual assessment session with Andrea and Celine, a group sports workout either free-body or with Technogym equipment, a wellness lunch, and different workshops and lifestyle activities, from those dedicated to learning to prepare healthy recipes like vegan muffins and loads of delicious smoothies, to others that reveal the benefits of various aspects of a healthy lifestyle including those of essential oils.

Grand Hotel Timeo Taormina

Retreat into Wellbeing on the Shores of Sicily

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