Riciclantica Outline by Valcucine Chosen for ADI Design Index 2023

The Permanent Observatory of Design ADI has selected Riciclantica Outline, designed by Gabriele Centazzo for Valcucine, for publication in the ADI Design Index 2023.

Curated by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI), this prestigious annual selection of products and services aims to highlight the best of contemporary Italian design.

The ADI Design Index is the result of a lengthy evaluation process carried out by the Permanent Observatory of ADI Design to identify the most deserving projects. It reflects a comprehensive view of Italian design, both in theoretical and practical terms, highlighting the Italian design industry’s ability to develop innovative and high-quality proposals.

The keyword inspiring the ADI Design Index 2023 edition is “Quality,” a guiding value for Valcucine, which finds its utmost expression in Riciclantica Outline: technical detail and aesthetic language meet in a measured synthesis of formal balance and attention to detail.

Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI, emphasized the importance of quality as a unifying element in all of Italian design. This concept embraces the entire process, viewing quality not only as a final objective but also as recognition of a working method that promotes sustainable and responsible development, distinguishing “Made in Italy” worldwide.

Quality thus becomes a distinctive factor permeating the entire Italian design chain, contributing to the creation of products and services that combine functionality and well-being.

ADI Design Index 2023

The ADI Design Index 2023 selection completes the list of candidates for the 28th edition of the prestigious biennial Compasso d’Oro award, which will be held in 2024, the seventieth anniversary of the award’s founding in 1954.

The exhibition presenting the selected products will also move to Rome at the end of November, in an innovative space: the WeGil Space, a cultural hub of the Lazio Region managed by LAZIOcrea.2.

Riciclantica Outline Valcucine

The design philosophy of Riciclantica Outline by Valcucine begins with the compositional lightness of Riciclantica and its Special Elements, integrating functional blocks that can be combined thanks to suspended elements offered in various types. These versatile solutions can be configured according to needs, in a play of functions, shapes, and materials.

Defining the different modules is the metal profile running along the edges of the surfaces, a stylistic signature of Riciclantica Outline. Offered in black anodized aluminum finish, it enhances the design concept by shaping geometries in space.

Riciclantica cuts the surface of the bases, emphasizing the pursuit of maximum dematerialization and allowing the observer to perceive the thinness of the world’s lightest door, with a thickness of only 2 mm.

For over forty years, Valcucine has pursued a responsible development model, making projects, insights, and solutions possible that, in a perspective of continuous improvement respecting the environment and humanity, revolutionize kitchen conventions, representing real breakthroughs.


Riciclantica Outline by Valcucine Chosen for ADI Design Index 2023

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