Rocking the Outdoors with Royal Botania

A series of outdoor furniture perfect for rocking outdoors, with a playful yet refined design: two lightweight rocking chairs and an elegant hammock by Royal Botania.

Folia Royal Botania

Folia, designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, is probably the most playful item in the Royal Botania collection of outdoor furniture – not only in terms of its appearance, but even more so in the way it is made, for which genuine craftsmanship is required, making each piece a true work of art.

Inspired by nature, more specifically by a leaf, Folia exists in three versions: chair, armchair and rocking chair. Particularly alluring is the very special rocking chair, an attractive ergonomic object that invites true relaxation, complete with comfortable footrest.

The frame is made of painted stainless steel tubing, in white, anthracite and bronze colors, but is also available in a number of timeless pastel shades that can be easily combined: olive green, sky blue and mushroom.

Strappy Royal Botania

Peter Van Puyvelde designs Royal Botania’s Strappy collection, an ensemble of 1950s, 1960s and 1970s vintage-inspired furnishings by Domus, Arne Jacobsen and Larsen & Madsen, that infuse the garden with a feeling of whimsical wonder, with its innate and ineffable elegance.

Decidedly original, this is retro reimagined in a new and customizable form, with fabric or leather straps that can be removed or attached in a flash.

The Strappy collection of outdoor furniture is made of painted stainless steel and features continuous tubing that develops into a minimalist, functional, stackable structure to which the upholstered straps and armrests are attached. Seemingly suspended within this elegant structure, however, the soft elements that alone connect between the front and back of the armchair are an optical illusion: what the eye perceives, in fact, is only the covering of the aluminum straps, which are well hidden inside and which together with the hidden attachment of the armrest are the backbone of the Strappy’s design.

This optical “trick” not only gives rigidity to the slim frame but also offers an even greater advantage because the cover can be removed in no time for cleaning or for storing the chairs in the winter months.

With an extra set, one can also renew the look of Strappy to follow seasonal colors. If the range of some 70 different upholstery colors and fabrics wasn’t enough, three high-strength leatherette options have also been added to the list. Upholstered in black, cognac, or taupe leatherette, Strappy stands out significantly from the crowd and smooths the line between indoor and outdoor furniture.

The collection includes a table chair, a low chair, a relaxation chair, a rocking chair, and a footstool.

The rocking chair and footrest, in particular, are the perfect items for any terrace. The variety of colors allows Strappy to be absolutely unique, with the option of embellishing the seat with a comfortable cushion.

Wave Royal Botania

Wave, designed by Erik Nyberg, Gustav Ström and Kris Van Puyvelde, is neither a hammock, a rocking chair, a sun lounger, nor a sunshade: it is first and foremost a work of art, a creation that combines beauty and functionality, technology and elegance.

Made of stainless steel with an electrolytic finish combined with a very strong perforated fabric, Wave rests on the ground on a single element that gives the object the sensation of floating in the air while ensuring great strength, due to a structural design designed to support great weights and withstand weather adversity unscathed.

The fabric is semi-transparent, at the same time allowing shelter from 86 percent of the sun’s rays and offering the feeling of being in the cool shelter of the foliage of a tree. Wave is available in white, black, cappuccino, and turquoise.

Royal Botania

Rocking the Outdoors with Royal Botania

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