Rome’s Most Dazzling Locations for an Aperitivo

Experiencing Rome in the summer becomes an adventure for those who want to discover a novel route among the most beautiful places the city has to offer: here’s where to enjoy a perfect aperitivo in Rome.

Aperitif in Rome – Hotel Butterfly

In its enchanting summer guise, the Hotel Hassler is the place to find refreshment from the high city temperatures. Inside its garden, the Palm Court, surrounded by lush plants and a beautiful verdant wall dotted with Roman-era sculptures, you can sit down, daily from 6:30 p.m., for a charming, open-air aperitivo in Rome.

The fresh and colorful mixology offerings, created by the talented Diego Gasperini, centered on seasonal fruits and embellished with a kaleidoscopic of edible flowers, are paired with tasty small bites, fried foods and canapés made by the skilled hands of chef Marcello Romano. In addition to these appetizers, which vary daily according to the trend of the season and the availability of ingredients, there are signature dishes such as the Club Sandwich, a real must for food lovers, as well as traditional Roman first courses made with local ingredients without forgetting the homemade Pinse made with the freshest and strictly selected products.

Cocktails in Rome – Settimo Roman Cuisine & Terrace

The elegant and contemporary style, polychrome marbles, the charm conferred by the refined atmosphere, are the elements that welcome visitors, guiding them on a path that, among floral and Mediterranean notes with a jungle mood, opens onto the rooftop of the Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese.

An urban oasis, where the gaze wanders between the pine trees of Villa Medici and Villa Borghese, gazing at the majesty of St. Peter’s and the Tiber River, it is a must for an aperitif in Rome.

Alongside classic signature drinks, a revival of the most popular aperitif on August afternoons is offered: the Roman Spritz. The aromatic and officinal notes, imparted by the award-winning and Roman Amaro Formidabile, are paired with a citrusy blanc de blanc to which a fresh and bitter aroma is added thanks to mint leaves and a sprig of rosemary. To make this relaxing moment extra tasty, chef Giuseppe D’Alessio offers tempting tapas such as supplì al telefono, fritti di verdure alla romana and whatever the whim and market of the day suggests.

Aperitifs in Rome: Adèle Mixology Lounge – Hotel Splendide Royal

Sun or rain, wind or mugginess, harsh winter or hot summer, the terrace of Adèle Mixology Lounge is now a must. Able to change garb as needed, it has accompanied its guests throughout the course of the year and, in this scorching summer, represents an address where to have fun and regenerate.

On the eighth floor of the elegant Hotel Splendide Royal, the air of Rome turns into a pleasant breeze, the view becomes art and the aperitif a moment that lasts an evening thanks to drinks curated by Bartender Giovanni Faedda and the enticing menu curated by executive chef Stefano Marzetti.

Refreshing on hot August afternoons is the very cool Red Wave: a cocktail made with plantation rum, watermelon syrup, lime, coconut foam and vanilla. Lively and invigorating, it accompanies the traditional fare with dry snacks and specialty bites express from the kitchen.

Aperitivo in Rome: Les Étoiles – Hotel Atlante Star

A relief from the scorching temperatures of summer, the terrace of Les Étoiles is the place to take refuge and be cooled by the famous Ponentino breeze that blows like a caress at sunset. The spectacular scenery offered by the top floor of the Hotel Atlante Star is always the most Instagrammable in the capital, and every aperitif becomes the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the unique spectacle that the prestigious location between Borgo Pio and Prati offers over the magical Dome.

In fact, St. Peter’s basilica is not a mere backdrop but is the absolute protagonist, so close that it feels like one could touch it. The special raised platform, present on the rooftop on the seventh floor of the structure, allows for the perfect shot, having all around a 360° view of the city that never ceases to amaze Romans and foreigners alike.

Accomplice to the breathtaking view, are delightful bar offerings, which boasts a drink list created with the advice of Riccardo Marinelli, including classic cocktails and special house reinterpretations such as the Mezcal Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. Chef William Anzidei has come up with sophisticated suggestions from the kitchen to proceed a fun pairing with a selection of unusual and tasty finger foods, such as mini cheeseburgers and crispy prawns in panko breadcrumbs.

Aperitivo in Rome: Giulia Restaurant

Giulia Restaurant’s terraces, open only in summer, are an opportunity to experience a classy evening in true “Roman style”: their unique location is in fact on the upper floor of the marvelous little palace that houses the restaurant and overlooks both the “blond” Tiber and the historic Via Giulia charted in the 1500s by Pope Julius II and named after him.

The trees that line the river frame the beauty of the views of the city, creating an enchantment that literally takes the breath away. The aperitifs are designed by bar manager Gianluca Storchi as far as the drink menu is concerned, while the cuisine is proposed by young chef Alessandro Borgo.

As for the cocktails, always seasonal and studied down to the smallest details, they range from the delicate and summery proposal of Peaches And Cream, a drink made with a vineyard peach liqueur, pink grapefruit liqueur, artisanal lemon syrup and prosecco, to the classic but modern Paper Plane, a very fresh and intense cocktail made with Woodford Reserve, Aperol, Amaro Nonino and lemon.

As for the kitchen’s samplings, small plates satisfy the eye and the palate, from the completely vegetarian mock chicken thigh and peppers to the marrow pannacotta in ossobuco. Romanity and creativity are at the heart of Chef Alessandro’s cuisine, which tempts guests with seemingly simple but highly impressive dishes such as mini brioche with butter and anchovies, fried pumpkin flower with honey and paprika, and marshmallow with bitter herbs and pecorino cheese.

Aperitivo a Roma: Hotel Butterfly

For the sixth consecutive year, Hotel Butterfly has spread its wings to enliven the evenings of the Roman summer. In the garden adjacent to the Olympic Stadium, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., until October 8th, one can spend hours of relaxation surrounded by a magical, almost dreamlike and surreal allure, the concept created ad hoc by patrons Giancarlo Battafarano, Daniele Quattrini, Edoardo Caracciolo and Vittorio Paladino, in a space among green plants, plays of light and shadow, peach blossoms with references to the countries of the Rising Sun, live music and exclusive DJ sets, art cinema and theatrical performances.

In this setting, for the aperitif, the best mixologists create innovative drinks that recall the focus of the 2022 gastronomic proposal: the encounter between East and West. Here, there are cocktails made with mezcal, tequila and sake. These can be paired with dishes studied by chef Koji Nakai such as Gyoza of grilled shrimp, Takoyaki (Japanese octopus and katsuboshi meatballs), Nigiri of salmon, tuna and shrimp, or Rolls such as the “Butterfly” with tuna, almond-crusted avocado and spicy tuna tartare, and the “Orto” with julienne vegetables in tempura, burrata cheese top and teriyaki sauce. Hotel Butterfly

Hotel Butterfly

Rome’s Most Dazzling Locations for an Aperitivo

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