Rua Milan: a tribute to Italian regional cuisine

A journey from north to south to (re)discover the authentic flavors of Italian regional cuisine revisited with a relevant and refined twist: Rua restaurant is located in Milan’s Isola district.

From vitello tonnato to amatriciana, from pizzoccheri to rabbit in porchetta, the great classics of Italian cuisine are the source of inspiration that creates the iconic recipes for Francesco Zucchi Ricordi, chef and owner of Rua.

“Rua is a road we live and travel by cooking, so that our dishes convey not only flavors, but also emotions,” says Francesco Zucchi Ricordi.

Rua (“street” in Portuguese), opened a few months ago at no. 6 Piazzale Carlo Archinto, in the lively Isola district, catches the light in a space with a refined and essential design, where Francesco brings to the table his idea of traditional cuisine, matured thanks to “a careful and constant research aimed at assimilating the countless recipes of Italy and their secrets, in order to re-present them to the public in a current and sophisticated way.”

Rua’s menu

Rua’s menu features some traditional classics revisited with flair and expertise, respecting the territory and seasonality. Evergreens include Mondeghili (typical Milanese meatballs) with parsley green sauce, and Vitello tonnato with tuna mousse, a tribute to Diego Rossi of Milan’s Trippa restaurant.

Rua’s signature is then fresh pasta, homemade according to tradition. First courses include Mandilli de sea (“silk handkerchiefs”), a typical Ligurian pasta dish similar to lasagna, made with squid ink puff pastry and garnished with Ligurian pesto and pink shrimp crudo; from the cuisine of Lazio come Tonnarelli all’amatriciana with yellow date sauce, puffed rind and “Fiore Sardo” pecorino cheese, a Slow Food Presidium.

Unmissable, among the main courses, is the Milanese Cotoletta, but also the Coniglio in porchetta, a protagonist of the tables of Central Italy, while the Polpo, accompanied by Taggiasche olives, colorful Swiss chard and Carpino beans, recalls the sunny atmospheres of the South.

The wine list, too, offers a selection of labels ranging from north to south: from Lombardy’s Franciacorta to Liguria’s Vermentino, passing through Piedmont’s Barolo, and then arriving in Sicily with Etna Rosso. The only exception are French champagnes from the most renowned wineries beyond the Alps.

Raised in a family background devoted to the textile and musical tradition, Francesco Zucchi Ricordi, born in 1984, became passionate about cooking from a young age and began traveling the world to learn about its ingredients and flavors. In 2015 he founded the catering company “I Marinati,” and in 2018 he opened Bech, a format that combines a gourmet sandwich and cocktail bar in Via San Marco, Milan. The opening of Rua is the fulfillment of his journey of gastronomic research and represents the ultimate expression of an essential and polished taste, which is reflected in the dishes as well as in the interior design.

The design of Rua

Rua is distinguished by an eclectic, minimalist style that harmoniously blends furnishing solutions suitable for any occasion: from seating with black marble tables to convivial dining, to bistro-style outdoor-view counters. A distinct artistic sensibility and strong aesthetic spirit emerge from the choice of artwork. High ceilings and windows overlooking the square illuminate the room and its 35 seats, to which the 48 seats in the outdoor area are added in warm weather.


Rua Milan: a tribute to Italian regional cuisine

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