Rubinacci Napoli Highlights the Magic of Traditional Inlay Design

Rubinacci Napoli, a company active in the production of wood accessories presents its new furniture: the Tarsio table and the Levante collection.

Tarsio Rubinacci Napoli

The Tarsio table, designed by architecture, interiors, and design firm Park Associati, takes its inspiration from the concept of botanical grafting, where two shrubs come together in a perfect balance of mimesis and contrast. This concept is reflected in the choice of wood essences used for the tops and legs of the tables, which alternate in continual harmony.

Yet it is not only the choice of wood that makes Tarsio special: the table tops are made using the ancient inlay technique, typical of the areas between Naples and Sorrento. This craft technique, handed down from generation to generation, gives the tables an exceptional uniqueness that only the art of cabinetmaking can create.

The Tarsio collection was crafted with great skill by cabinetmakers from Campania, who know how to make each piece unrepeatable. The tables fit perfectly into any environment, thanks to their essential and contemporary form.

Levante Rubinacci Napoli

The collaboration between Rubinacci Napoli and young emerging designers continues, a project promoted by artistic director Paolo Volpato. The Levante collection is designed by the young and talented Niccolò Devetag.

Levante, made of ash wood stained charcoal black and designed for indoor use, stands out for the high quality of its materials and craftsmanship. The series consists of two benches of different heights and sizes, a stool and a series of furniture accessories, a cushion, and a tray, that complete the proposal.

The project is characterized by the purity and essentiality of the design, and the name takes on a strong symbolic connotation by evoking the Oriental tradition and, at the same time, suggesting the concepts of lightness, like the wind, and brightness, like the sun rising in the east. The assembly and interlocking of all the wooden parts are an expression of the Rubinacci Napoli philosophy aimed at enhancing the beauty and handcrafted quality of the furniture.

Rubinacci Napoli

Rubinacci Napoli Highlights the Magic of Traditional Inlay Design

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