Sartorial canons for timeless projects

This 2022 comes to an end with many achievements for S-CAB, the most recent of which is the awarding of the Archiproducts Design Awards (ADA) to two of S-CAB’s new 2022 chairs. The prestigious juries, made up of an international panel, gave their verdicts: to Dress_Code by Gumdesign the ADA award for the Furniture category and to Hug by Studio Meneghello Paolelli the Sustainability award.

Dress_Code and Hug are complements that speak different languages, yet both have firm roots in the company’s passion and spirit of research into timeless and boundless projects perfect for both indoor and outdoor living.

Lightness and versatility of S-CAB seating

Dress_Code, consisting of a painted metal structure, visually light and soft because of its circular section and the curves in which it is articulated, is inspired by the canons of sartorial fashion, playing with color combinations, between structure and seat, with the textures of indoor and outdoor fabrics and their processing.

In addition to the sheet-smooth fabric, a square-quilted version is offered. The quilting and padding are both a graphic element and a source of added comfort. A headrest cushion also covered in fabric is available as an accessory.

The detail of the wooden armrest, which wears its own textile cover through two simple hinges, is striking. And it is the latter that is the distinguishing feature of the armchair. From the single seat to the collection, all it takes is a gesture, a change of clothes as agile and practical as that of a person who chooses what to wear depending on the context in which he or she must move, from the everyday to the more formal.

Certified regenerated post-consumer industrial post-consumer technopolymer PCR is chosen for Hug, which is obtained by processing and regenerating production residues through the use of energy from renewable sources. The product therefore achieves a higher level of quality and ethics.

Hug is technically a technopolymer monocoque, but it is actually a flexible system in which components combine to create different chair and armchair configurations. Created for outdoor use, it is also suitable for indoor spaces, with the possibility of covering some of its parts with fabric.


Sartorial canons for timeless projects

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