Savoia Orancio: The Aperitivo Orange Wine that Recalls the Adventures of Marco Polo

On its second anniversary, Savoia presents Orancio, the new ready-to-drink aperitif that draws inspiration from the noble and adventurous spirit of Italy, recalling the memory of Marco Polo and his travels to the East.

Savoia, the authentic and vegan aperitivo wine, takes on an “amber” variant of Savoia Orancio to mark its second anniversary – another proposal born from the talents of Giuseppe Gallo, creator of Italicus and Savoia Americano Rosso, an internationally renowned mixology and bar industry expert.

The citrusy and exotic aromatic notes of Savoia Orancio lead back to the flavors of the Orient, those narrated in the legendary tales of Marco Polo, who at the very beginning of 2024 will be celebrated 700 years after his death.

Savoia Orancio: characteristics and aromatic notes

With a low alcohol content (ABV 17.2%), Savoia Orancio encapsulates in a sip the intrepid soul of the Venetian merchant, who in his book Il Milione takes us on a journey through the “silk road” from Italy to Persia, the Indies and finally China, transporting us to the glorious past of those adventurers who, among many things, also brought back home spicy aromas and distant flavors.

“Savoia Orancio is meant to be a tribute to Italy’s extraordinary heritage and its historical figures,” explains Giuseppe Gallo. “It encapsulates the essence of the past, inviting one to embark on a sensory journey that transcends time. Its flavor evokes Italian cultural richness, which is relived in every sip.”

The taste of this aperitif wine is a combination of citrus and red fruits, harmonized with spices inspired by the Silk Road, ginger, saffron, and pomegranate.

The fragrant and complex notes of this orange wine enrich the bittersweet profile by imparting freshness. There is then an additional note of freshness: in addition to sweet and bitter oranges, there are the essence of lime and bergamot, for a citrusy touch that balances with the other flavors. The combination of oriental herbs forms an incredibly exotic, fragrant, rich, and warm mix that emerges in the glass without overpowering the bittersweet character of the aperitif wine.

Savoia Orancio: the aperitif with orange wine

For Savoia Orancio, Giuseppe Gallo was also inspired by an ancient practice in the history of winemaking: making orange wines, which dates back more than 8,000 years. A method of processing wines in terracotta amphorae, originating from Georgia and brought to Italy by Marco Polo himself.

Unlike white wines, in which the skins are removed after pressing, in orange wines the skins are left to macerate in the must for an extended period; the long maceration results in a fuller-bodied and more persistent wine. The prolonged contact with the skins gives the wine a unique flavor profile and a distinctive amber color.

This type of wine, which has made a comeback in recent years among wine enthusiasts and sommeliers thanks to its distinctive tartness and versatility, pairs well with raw fish and sushi.

Savoia Orancio: how to enjoy it

To best enjoy Savoia Orancio, simply pour it cold over ice or mix it with soda or tonic water for an aperitif cocktail with a thirst-quenching character. Instead, to make a perfect pairing, the ideal is to prepare a Spritz by mixing Savoia Orancio with a Prosecco or a sparkling rosé wine.


Savoia Orancio: The Aperitivo Orange Wine that Recalls the Adventures of Marco Polo

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