Scavolini Jeometrica: An Experience of Genuine Product Design

Scavolini presents Jeometrica, the furnishing system designed by Luca Nichetto: the new expression of contemporary living.

“It has been extremely insightful to design for a brand such as Scavolini which targets an audience in pursuit of quality status but at the same time cares deeply about the functionality of the products they select. It has therefore been an experience of genuine product design, which values the aesthetics of the project together with concepts and modules that in some way bring to mind the work of great abstract masters, where the use of colour and shapes creates a work of art; in Jeometrica, this characteristic is also tied to function. We have drawn on the equipped wall panel concept and attempted to enhance it and incorporate it into everyday life.”
Luca Nichetto

Designed by Luca Nichetto, Jeometrica is a furniture solution by Scavolini characterised by the study and development of graphic design shapes and lines, where memory and innovation merge in a harmonious combination.

Luca Nichetto’s design reflection is inspired by the works of Ellsworth Kelly, Gio Ponti and Donald Judd and reinterprets their morphologies with a contemporary twist. Ellsworth Kelly, for his “sculpture for a large wall“; Gio Ponti, for his work on equipped walls and Donald Judd, one of the leading exponents of minimalism, for his three-dimensional structures, arranged in space as modules that are repeated in simple sequences or in geometric progression.

Elective similarities with these great masters of design and art have created Jeometrica: an expressive furnishing system with character, whose sophisticated details emphasise Scavolini’s excellence in industrial processing. The collection in fact features brand new elements, the result of the brand’s constant research and development, which reflect a design capable of evolving and accentuating the compositional silhouettes in order to create smooth and coordinated spaces.

The design of the 29 mm thick frame door expresses a minimal and elegant contemporary take, thanks to the aluminium profiles available in two different colours – Anthracite and Titanium – and the possibility of creating striking textured combinations with matt lacquered finishes, decorative melamines, veneered finishes, stoneware or glass for the utmost flexibility in style.

What’s more, the possibility of choosing between a recessed grip profile opening system and two types of linear and compact handles adds an additional layer of customisation. Both options emphasise the balance between shape and function, helping define the practicality and overall aesthetic allure of the design.

Another feature is the “J-Systemequipped laminate wall panel which, combined with an exclusive line of accessories, is a strategic and functional resource whose strength lies in aesthetics and versatility. The flexibility of this system is ensured by all the holes provided so that shelves, containers and small accessories can be fitted freely and their position can be changed as required.

A unique feature that shows off the micro-decorative elements that can be rearranged over time, enhancing the design of the compositions and integrating them perfectly into everyday life. For the utmost freedom of composition, the wall panel is available in two different shapes: teardrop and rectangular. The latter is characterised by a motif reminiscent of a quilted tile layout, in which the holes for fixing the accessories are located where the lines intersect; moreover, it can be custom-sized and installed vertically or horizontally.

To complete a furniture range designed with the utmost attention to detail, Luca Nichetto | Nichetto Studio has designed a line of accessories comprising base units and open-fronted elements, shelves with a wall panel, suspension and wall lamps, which can be combined to give rise to a new approach to design that generates a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style.

Jeometrica, Scavolini’s latest new designer range.



Scavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961 thanks to the entrepreneurship of brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini. In just a few years, the small artisan company specialising in kitchen production turned into one of the most important Italian industrial companies. Located in Montelabbate (PU), the industrial plant covers a surface area of 204,000 m² – 90,000 of which are indoors – and employs more than 750 employees.

The company is now a benchmark for the industry worldwide and is synonymous with Made in Italy quality. Since 2012, the range has also included bathroom collections, as a result of the brand’s desire to satisfy a specific need on the market, which had for some time demanded the supply of ad hoc solutions for this setting. Over the years, Scavolini’s product range has been extended even further, also to include a broad array of dedicated living room solutions – with an offering that comprises both integrated and independent living rooms – through to the walk-in wardrobe, heralding a “total look home”.

Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto was born in Venice in 1976, where his artistic talent was inspired by the famous Murano glass industry. He graduated in industrial design from the Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) in 1998 and the following year began working for the Murano glassmaker Salviati, later becoming product designer and consultant for the lighting company Foscarini. In 2006 he decided to open Nichetto Studio – his first studio – in Venice, before opening a second studio in Stockholm in 2011, where he now lives.

Over the years, Nichetto has been an art director for many international design brands and has earned a reputation as a multidisciplinary designer. He has given lectures and seminars at several universities, he was a professor of design at IUAV, and has served on several juries of international design competitions. His work is often featured at prestigious shows worldwide and has been the subject of exhibitions in major cities including London, New York and Beijing.

Scavolini Jeometrica: An Experience of Genuine Product Design

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