A New Definition of Luxury

The evolution of luxury living from superficial status symbols to an expression of personal identity is the heart of SieMatic’s core values aimed at creating an authentic dialogue between customer and brand, and the driver of its new Mondial style world of design that is at once visionary and expressive, opulent and fluid – a kitchen designed to for the future of living.

SieMatic’s Mondial presents an intriguing intersection of forms, materials, and colors to create a multi-sensory space that translates into a premium luxury quality of kitchen living. 

The brand’s showroom concept that marks its international premiere in Milan is fully focused on the customer, allowing them to immerse themselves into the company’s philosophy and identity. 

“Milan is famous around the globe as a center for fashion and design, and the Salone del Mobile is the fitting platform for a live reunion after such a long time and after all the challenges we have faced,” notes the company’s Creative Director, André Backemeier. “We are really looking forward to presenting the next steps in the development of our brand and products to an international audience. With an astonishing design language combining the opulence of expressive materials and the simplicity of geometric forms, it is our pleasure to provide an inspirational insight into the future of SieMatic.”

The union of stylistic elements and materials that flow from each inspirational zone invites a communication of elements and living areas. The belief that each customer needs to discover their own authentic preferences and requirements establishes a true creative dialogue that elevates the home and each customer’s expression of personal living. A designated area of the exhibition with skilled designers is available to demonstrate how each individual and unique kitchen can become a reality.

SieMatic Mondial

The kitchen’s unique striking concept of interior design merges with its expressive composition of materials and colors to create a world that is both inviting and minimalist. Linear geometric forms intertwine seamlessly with fine delicate elements, and then again with massive, dominating elements. The smooth, striking Grigio Carnico limestone used for the island unit and generous wall emphasize the precise geometry of the profiled cabinet fronts in flamed travertine oak. 

The StoneDesign monoblock captivates in its central location, encased on four sides with 30 mm natural stone. Protruding asymmetrically, a circular bar rests as a sandwich structure on the island. The table leg and 70 mm base in striped travertine oak support a 12 mm overlay in White Fantasy quartzite. The 80 mm countertop of the sink unit, the niche cladding, and the new 140 mm kitchen shelf, all in the same quartzite, create a stark contrast to the dark limestone. 

Tall cabinets left and right of the base cabinets and designed to reach to the ceiling lend a fresh accent in velvet matt grey-violet – one of 1,950 shades within the SieMatic Individual Colour System – and provide extensive storage without dominating the room. Positioned centrally on the far wall, the new SLX glass cabinet with fluted glass and an anodized matt black frame brings emphasis to the longitudinal axis. 

Cuboidal drawers fixed to the back wall of the glass cabinet and cupboards above it continue the matt black theme. Overall, this interior design concept not only combines sophisticated materials, colors, and contrasts in a fresh and contemporary composition, but it also – in typical SieMatic Mondial – plays with proportions and skilfully shifts volumes by offsetting depths.

“Kitchens today are far more than the heart of the home: they are expressions of personality. With our PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC style worlds, tailored to different customer needs and preferences, SieMatic has long been used to providing individual solutions,” says the brand’s CEO Daniel Griehl. “And now a new architectural style is taking hold worldwide, minimalist and yet sophisticated, opulent yet not traditional. Staying true to our principle of focusing on the customer at all times, SieMatic has been motivated by this development to create a new style world MONDIAL, our holistic answer to the wishes and requirements of our global clientele.”


A New Definition of Luxury

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