A Striking New Concept of Open Space with Sign by Ernestomeda

One of the most important and “rich” kitchen projects created by Ernestomeda, starring at the next edition of EuroCucina: Sign, a model designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the company’s architect and art director.

Sign by Ernestomeda, in fact, is a model characterized by an extraordinary variety of materials, finishes, and structures that offer almost infinite possibilities for customization and combinations, able to meet all consumer needs.

An Open Space Lifestyle with Ernestomeda

The new design is characterized from the first glance by the new concept of open space that it suggests. In fact, Sign refers to an unprecedented and revolutionary way of thinking and organizing one’s kitchen space, capable of opening up and meeting other domestic environments, becoming a true extension of the living room, the fulcrum of the home dedicated to conviviality.

From the design point of view, Sign is designed to have contents of high formal and aesthetic value, with performance levels very close to professional ones. While the kitchen must continue to comply with the rules of functionality in food preparation, it must also be able to become one with the surrounding environment: a kitchen, therefore, that furnishes and enhances the home with elements typical of convivial living spaces.

With about two hundred alternatives to choose from in terms of finishes and materials-from natural to the most technical and innovative-Sign confirms itself as one of the Ernestomeda models with the highest capacity for customization, capable of creating fascinating material and color mixes that give life to elegant environments with a strong visual impact and that allow the model to transcend its “service” role and become furniture in its own right.

From the most essential solutions, such as melamines and matte lacquers, to the most sophisticated ones, such as metallic glass, to wooden essences and stoneware, Sign offers the opportunity to create one’s own kitchen environment in a completely personal way, always guaranteeing the highest aesthetic coherence and freedom of choice.

A peculiarity of the project is the upper part devoid of the classic closed wall units: in the model, these storage elements leave room for display cabinets and open paneling, real display areas in which each element has an exquisitely decorative connotation.

The image of Sign thus enters in tune with the living area, and its functions also extend to specific areas dedicated to the storage of food and utensils, to real wine cellars or areas equipped with laundry that harmonize the space of the kitchen environment, thanks to modular and versatile storage and passage elements.


A Striking New Concept of Open Space with Sign by Ernestomeda

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