Signature Kitchen Suite’s Under the Countertop Refrigeration

Flexibility in terms of space and versatility in use for the two new appliances designed by Signature Kitchen Suite that add to the brand’s range dedicated to its under the countertop refrigeration.

The Undercounter Convertible Refrigerator and the Built-in Undercounter Wine Cellar, protagonists at the upcoming edition of Eurocucina/FTK, offer in fact, in a contained space, the highest quality in terms of design, materials and technology, a guarantee of the Signature Kitchen Suite brand.

The two under the countertop refrigeration units prove to be the perfect solution both for those who are looking for a solution to complement their refrigeration compartment and for those who have small spaces but do not want to give up the highest performance.

Thanks to their size, aesthetic qualities and versatile functions, these refrigerators are suitable for placement within a variety of environments: from the home and office to boats, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Like all Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, the under the countertop refrigeration products are Wi-Fi ready and can be connected to the home network to remotely control operation, on and off as well. The Smart Diagnosis system, which can be activated through the Signature Kitchen Suite App, allows you to check for proper operation simply by bringing your mobile device close to the appliances.

Free standing installation can also be requested for undercounter refrigeration, either for the individual product or for a customized combination.

Convertible Under the Countertop Refrigeration

Signature Kitchen Suite’s undercounter convertible refrigerator is one of the few built-in products on the market to offer two convertible drawers that can be set as needed and independently with six temperature modes (Pantry, Refrigerator, Bar, Fish, Meat, Freezer), going from a minimum of -23°C to a maximum of +10°C.

Features that make it a valuable ally for the most correct storage of food and beverages. Preserving well and at the right temperature means preserving the quality of food, increasing its life cycle and encouraging a reduction in waste.

The stainless steel interior combines aesthetics and functionality, helping to minimize temperature variations, with a maximum tolerance of 0.5°C between the set and actual temperature, thus ensuring greater efficiency in energy consumption and food preservation.

The Linear Inverter Compressor is particularly quiet (34.6dB) and offers 60% energy savings compared to conventional motors, as it adapts cooling to actual usage needs.

In addition, to reduce its environmental impact, the under-top convertible refrigerator is designed with HFC/ HCFC-free refrigerant, recyclable insulation system and recycled materials.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s Wine Cellar Solution

The Signature Kitchen Suite Undercounter Wine Cellar is designed with a focus on storage performance: the Wine Cave TechnologyTM ensures maximum protection from those elements that could compromise wine quality, such as light, vibration, temperature and humidity variations.

With a capacity of up to 41 bottles, the under the counter refrigeration wine cellar includes two separately adjustable temperature and humidity zones, each with a dedicated evaporator and stainless steel divider barrier.

The four natural beech wood shelves give a sense of matter to the touch, provide stability, help eliminate odors and substances that can alter the properties of wine, and act as a natural regulator of internal temperature and humidity. The stainless steel profiles slide smoothly on guides made of the same material, limiting vibrations as much as possible, a function also fulfilled by the completely silent Linear Inverter Compressor. In addition, the triple opaque tinted glass of the doors protects against UV rays, preventing alterations given by light.

For those who wish to take advantage of digital advice on the perfect storage of their labels within the wine cellar, the brand provides the Signature Sommelier™ App, which also saves your preferences through photos and notes on the different wines and their layout; offering advice on temperature and humidity levels and recommendations on the best pairings with the food you are cooking.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s Under the Countertop Refrigeration

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