Signature Seating from the Designs of Frag

Elegance and comfort for Frag’s signature chairs, created through collaboration with prestigious, internationally renowned designers.

Blyn and Blyn P

Blyn is a seating family, consisting of chair and armchair, that expresses subtle elegance. Designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, this collection is distinguished by its dry and essential lines. Entirely upholstered in leather, legs included, Blyn features an upholstered and comfortable convex backrest with generous dimensions. The leather upholstery is sewn and fitted by hand onto the steel skeleton almost as if it were a tailored suit. In the small armchair, the contoured back joins the two upholstered armrests to increase the feeling of comfort.

Siloe and Siloe P

Siloe is a seating family, consisting of chair and armchair, characterized by a tubular steel frame, severe in its lines but softened in its thicknesses, which contrasts with the upholstered seat and backrest. Designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, in the armchair version the legs extend to create the support for the distinctive upholstered armrests, which, in their curved design seem to want to embrace those who sit, increasing the feeling of comfort. Siloe is a family with welcoming, elegant and refined lines, designed for residential spaces but perfectly adaptable in contract contexts as well.

Bella and Bella P

The discreet appeal of Bella, designed by G. and R. Fauciglietti, comes from its elegant slender figure, perfectly representing the archetypal leather chair. Thanks to the different variants of this collection, Bella becomes a product suitable for multiple environments, from the home to the office area, suited to the customer’s needs. From the version with or without armrests, to the lounge chair, to the possibility of choosing between legs covered in leather, painted metal or wood. The backrest, made of a special flexible harmonic steel with memory, adds movement in a perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.

Olimpia and Olimpia P

Dainelli Studio designs Olimpia, a chair that combines aesthetics and function in a game where the metal structure supports and traces the silhouette of the seat and back without almost touching it. The tubular metal structure defines the legs, the perimeter and – in the armchair version – the armrests, like a kind of stroke drawn without detaching the tip from the sheet mail. The burnished brass finish confirms the decorative and contemporary personality of Olimpia, which is configured as a charismatic object, dedicated to environments with a more assertive style.

Doa and Doa P Frag

Doa is an armchair designed by Alessandro Dubini available in versions with and without armrests. Doa is configured as the classic seat with an exposed wood frame, a timeless piece of furniture that can enhance different home environments. The tapered walnut base and legs support the seat cushion and backrest, drawing a harmonious and welcoming silhouette.


Signature Seating from the Designs of Frag

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