Snaidero Elementi: A Story Minimalist Kitchen Design

For over 70 years, Snaidero has been instrumental in defining excellence in Italian design, imprinting an unmistakable influence on the creation of living spaces.

The brand’s hallmark is intricately woven through every detail, line, and surface of its kitchens, bearing witness to a journey steeped in passion, innovation, and unparalleled dedication. Snaidero reaffirms its dedication to pursuing understated and refined aesthetics with the evolution of Elementi, the kitchen that represents the epitome of minimalist style and limitless design flexibility.

The new island block system transforms the workspace into a sculptural monolith, which is both elegant and exceptionally functional, accentuating Elementi’s minimalism. Its surface seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, crafting a kitchen environment where beauty and practicality harmoniously coexist. Noteworthy are the details, such as the framed top with a basin, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and an added precaution to prevent water overflow.

Available in ceramic, stone, or marble, the block features a horizontal mark that not only enhances the surface but also conceals the joints between the sides and the top.

Configuring the new aesthetics of the Elementi kitchen are the groundbreaking PVD mirror-effect Amalfi doors. This mirror-effect finish reflects the surroundings, creating extraordinary scenes that captivate both the eye and touch. The diamond cream ceramic of the island and the Ribbed aluminum European walnut wood of the cabinets come alive thanks to these reflections that bring the spaces to life.

The kitchen transforms into a reflection of its environment and consequently, of the style and personality of its occupants. Sipario pocket-doors doors promote a pure, linear kitchen aesthetic. With their discreet presence, they open to reveal a fully-equipped working area, while when closed, they maintain a seamless surface, contributing to the minimalist and uncluttered appearance of the space.

In its various configurations, the curtain portal adapts to different functional solutions such as operational kitchens, pantries, and appliance storage, ensuring a cohesive design scheme.

The Groove door, unique to Elementi, continues to be a defining feature of the kitchen, enhancing it with its sleek design that hides the handle and enables easy opening, adding to the kitchen’s clean and modern style.

Elementi is part of Snaidero’s handle-less models, characterised by its 81 cm height and adaptable design that accommodates even the latest large appliances, giving the kitchen a more streamlined and cohesive look.

With its new variations, Elementi reaffirms itself as an on trend furnishing solution, meeting the needs of those seeking a blend of functionality, beauty, and technology.


Composition technical Data Sheet (composition as in photo)
Doors: PVD mirrored Amalfi and ribbed european walnut
Tops: Diamond cream ceramic
Island block: Diamond cream ceramic
Sipario: Interior in Italian walnut tech materic

Snaidero Elementi: A Story Minimalist Kitchen Design

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